Summer Boating Safety: Staying calm, cool and hydrated

By: Go Boating Florida
In many parts of the country, summer boating safety tips revolve around the increased number of boats and activity on the water. In Florida, we experience that issue between Thanksgiving and Easter during what we affectionately refer to as ‘season’. However, summer boating in Florida does come with its own set of seasonal challenges, which are either heat or weather-related. Let’s start with weather… (read more)

Family Boating Vacation Tips

By: Sea Magazine
It's not always easy to prevent tensions from rising when the whole family is on a boat together for extended periods of time. Here are plenty of great tips to keep everyone happy onboard. (read more)

Boat Repair Shop Tips

By: BoatUS
It can be unsettling dropping off your boat for someone else to handle. Follow these guidelines to feel more confident that you're leaving it in good hands when you let a shop manage its repairs. (read more)

Fixing Deck Leaks

Small and hard to find deck leaks are a fairly common problem in boats. Try this method to locate and repair one on your own. (read more)

Pollution Prevention

The cleaner the water, the more enjoyable boating can be. Do your part to keep your local waters pollution-free! (read more)

Vessel Safety Check

Regular vessel safety checks help keep you and your crew as safe as possible and, even better, they're free! (read more)
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