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Fourth of July Events by Boat

Florida by Water has released the 2014 list of places where you can view fireworks from your boat. Find an event in your area and review their tips for safe Fourth of July boating to prepare for an unforgettable Independence Day. (read more)

Cooking Aboard Your Boat

If you’ve been boating for a while, you may find yourself getting bored with the same old sandwiches and chips. And while on-the-water restaurants are convenient, you’re still somewhat limited by access, menu selection and hours of operation. But with a little planning and the following handy tips, your taste buds (and your guests) will be happy and satisfied out on the boat. (read more)

Rainy Day Boating Activities

The pitter patter of rain falling down on a boat can be a total bummer. Most people don’t like to be stuck on their boat when it is raining, but sometimes it is inevitable. Whether you plan a trip on the boat not knowing rain is coming, or you are such a boating die-hard (like us) that you go to the boat regardless of the weather forecast, it’s best to have some ideas for rainy day boating activities on-hand. (read more)

Tarpon and Shark Still Plentiful

Tarpon and Shark are still here in big numbers off the beaches and in the passes of the outer islands from Sanibel to Cayo Costa. They move in on the incoming tides and start moving out with the outgoing tides. (read more)

Sun Protection for Boaters

Between the sun’s direct rays and reflections from the water and deck, boating is hard on your skin. Your sun protection strategy should also include the proper sunscreen, sunglasses and clothing. (read more)

Find Your Perfect Match

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