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Captain Terry Says October is a Great Month for Redfish

By: Captain Terry Fisher
October will see some of the best redfish action of the year. For best results, fish in moving water, using either artificial or live and cut bait.  (read more)

Sleeping Onboard Your Boat

Spending the night onboard a boat sounds like a dream come true to many boaters. Before your first night on the water, read these tips, and you'll be falling asleep to the sound of the waves in no time at all. 
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10 Tips to Prevent Sinking Your Boat

The last thing any boater wants is to sink their vessel. Repairs can be extremely costly, and often more expensive than purchasing a new boat. Follow these 10 tips to keep your boat afloat! (read more)

Summerset Regatta

Southwest Florida's 49th annual Summerset Regatta is here! The events, including racing, door prizes, a poolside cocktail party, and a banquet dinner, will take place from October 10th-12th. It will be an exciting weekend of fun for the whole family.
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Best Weather Apps for Boating

There are hundreds of weather apps on the market, but few are catered specifically to boaters. Try out these apps with awesome features for nautical use. (read more)

Fighting Onboard Fires

A fire onboard a boat can be extremely dangerous, and even more so if you're far offshore. Make sure your vessel is equipped and you're prepared in case of such an emergency.  (read more)

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