Just Bought a Boat?
Some Tips From The Experts.

By: Go Boating Florida
With a number of boat shows happening this time of year, there are a good number of new boat owners out there who might not be 100 percent certain or comfortable with everything that comes along with boat ownership. These tips from experts will help these boaters navigate this new and exciting terrain smoothly. (read more)

Holiday Boat Parades

By: Florida By Water
Holiday boat parades are one of Florida's greatest winter traditions! They're happening all over the state throughout the month, find the one nearest you and join in with your fellow festive boaters. (read more)

Boat Engine Ratings

By: Ed's Boat Tips
Marine engines are rated based on their power and their estimated annual hours of usage. Different use cases require different engine ratings, so make sure you're making the right choice for your boat. (read more)

DIY Boat Projects

Want to upgrade your boat without spending too much time or money? Any of these relatively simple projects can make a big difference.
(read more)

Driving a Boat

Learning to drive a boat is a bit different from learning to drive a car, but these tips will help you become a pro in no time. (read more)

Boating on a Budget

The boating lifestyle can be expensive, but when planned properly can still be affordable. Learn how to keep boating within your budget. (read more)

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