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  • NEW: Additional rebates for heat pumps
  • Transport 2050 draft strategy ready for input
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Help wanted 

The Maple Ridge Climate Hub launched in November 2019 – just under two years ago. Our purpose is to help Maple Ridge move forward on the path to becoming a low-carbon community. It’s a critical mission, as the heat events and forest fires we all endured this year so clearly demonstrated. 

 In the short time since our start-up, we’ve accomplished a lot.   

  • We carried out a successful campaign that prompted City Hall to set more ambitious GHG reduction targets
  • We started a series of Youth Climate Ambassador workshops
  • We hosted film screenings and panel discussions on topics related to climate change
  • We established a newsletter on climate progress here at home and around the world
  • We organized political debates
  • We reached out through social media
  • We partnered with other organizations to expand awareness of climate issues and actions. 

Our passion for the climate is what carried us through the past two years but now we’re at a crossroads. Our plans for the next year are even more ambitious, but our ambition has outgrown our capacity.    

Simply put, we need more helping hands to carry out our mission. Whether you have a little time or a lot, whether you are experienced in any of the things we’ve done (or are planning to do) or a newbie, you are needed and your help will be appreciated. Even more importantly – you’ll be making a difference to the health of our community and the planet. 

If this is the invitation you’ve been waiting for, fill out this form or email us at And let's talk soon. 

NEW: Additional rebates for heat pumps

Did you know that heat pumps work to both heat and cool your home? They're like a furnace and air conditioner rolled into one. And with BC Hydro's new Electrification Plan, heat pumps are a fantastic value, as well as being valuable for the environment. 

Starting immediately, the new program adds $3,000 to the existing provincial rebate of up to $3,000 for switching from natural gas, wood or oil to a new heat pump. Combine this with the federal Greener Homes rebate of $5,000 and it's an extremely thrifty switch for homeowners, while almost entirely eliminating a major source of personal GHG emissions.  

To learn more about heat pumps and rebates:  

Transport 2050 draft strategy ready for input

Transport 2050 is the new Regional Transportation Strategy developed by TransLink. It will be the blueprint for the next 30 years. 

The Transport 2050 strategy outlines the region’s vision for the future of transportation. It also sets regional goals and targets and outlines strategies and actions to get us there.

Now in the third and final phase of engagement, which runs until October 29, TransLink is inviting final input from the public.  

To learn about the goals, targets and actions:  

Once you're familiar with the draft strategy, TransLink wants to hear your thoughts through a survey. 

Don't miss this opportunity to let TransLink know we want to get on track for a low-emission future!

Everything you need to know about COP26

Since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was formed in 1992, world leaders have met annually to forge a response to climate change. We are all bound by treaty to "avoid dangerous climate change" and reduce GHG emissions in an equitable way.

On Oct. 31, the next COP (Conference of the Parties, established through the UNFCCC) will officially open to continue these talks. This is a pivotal moment. It marks the 5-year interval when each country must deliver fresh commitments.

We know that existing commitments are not enough to meet the target of keeping global warming to 1.5o C above pre-industrial levels. And none of the industrialized countries are meeting even those insufficient pledges, including Canada.

An article published by The Guardian gives a great overview of COP 26 – what will be discussed, who will be there, what they need to accomplish.  

The world will be watching and listening with hope and fear, praying that all of the countries have the gumption to commit once and for the good of all, to measures that will reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels, and to net zero emissions by 2050.

Feel free to forward

At this critical time in the race to combat climate change, it's crucial that we stand together and act in big and small ways to move our community to a low-emissions future.   

You can take one simple step today: forward this newsletter to friends and family members, neighbours and co-workers. One of the most effective ways to fight climate change is simply to talk about it. By sending this newsletter out into your world, you are talking about our climate, and helping others join the conversation. 

Sustainably yours,

The Maple Ridge Climate Hub team 

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