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The RBS Six Nations Rugby Union Championship is with us again and this month's newsletter gives you a great insight into this most physical and exciting game. It is a sport that is really interesting to watch and participate in as it combines great cardio exercise with stamina sapping running and – not to be overlooked – a great social life!

The annual RBS Six Nations tournament is fought out over several weeks by the four Home countries plus France and Italy. Each country plays each other once, gaining two points for a win and one for a draw. The champions are the side that acquires most points and, in the event of a tie, has the best points difference. It's called a Grand Slam if a country beats all the others and a Triple Crown if one of the four home nations beats the other three. So will anyone take the crown from Ireland?

The aim of is simple -  use the oval shaped ball to score more points than the other team. Run with the ball in hand, kick it, pass it backwards by hand, but not forwards. It's a fierce contact sport and you get five points by scoring a try ( touching the ball down in your opponent's goal area), two for a conversion ( a successful kick through the goalposts after a try) and three for both a penalty kick or drop goal through the posts. You tackle to get the ball but there are stict rules to safeguard safety and there are lots of laws to prevent players gaining an unfair advantage. Fancy finding out more? Then  get involved yourself with a local club (men and women both play), but also take in a Six Nations TV match to see how it's played at the top level!

March Fixtures List, RBS 6 Nations 12/3/2016 - Ireland v Italy,  England v Wales 12/3/2016 Scotland v France 19/3/2016 Wales v Italy, Ireland v Scotland, France v England
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Fitness Tips For Playing Rugby & Dealing With Injuries
Rugby Union is a tough contact sport, so proper preparation is absolutely essential to both enjoying the experience and preventing injuries . Take these simple but important steps to get you ready to play:  

1) Get in a competitive mood by exercising with friends and team mates  so that training is taken seriously.  

2) Mix up  training routines - injecting lots of different training methods into the  workout is  key to building tiptop fitness and maintaining  motivation.  

3) Push yourself and get out of your comfort zone – this approach will definitely  boost your fitness and confidence, but of course don't overdo it.  

4) Make training  functional and relevant to rugby. Pulling and pushing weighted sleds, for example,  mirrors many moves  of the game itself  such as the scrum and breaking through tackles. Press-ups and the plank  position with another person wriggling around on your back replicates  wrestling for the ball in mauls and rucks.  

5) Include sprinting as speed sessions, focusing on acceleration and  technique . This will optimise on-pitch performance when stretching out those legs and heading for the try line.  

6) Get wet and cold whilst you train. Rugby Union is a winter sport and  nothing toughens  you up  like  the  great British outdoors!
Further Reading: NHS Website


Starting To Play Rugby Really Is Worth Considering
If you feel like playing rugby union then a good starting point is to ask around locally of look on the internet to find your local team.  Then give the club a call, arrange a visit, find out when they are next playing to go along and watch. Find out what you will need to wear in terms of the right boots, socks, shorts and shirt.

The Rugby Football Union is the governing body for Rugby. It promotes and protects the interest of the game at all levels and you can find out more at

Locally, Trojans Rugby Club based alongside our clinic at Therapeutics, has 4 senior teams, 4 junior teams, 7 mini teams 2 ladies senior teams and 3  girls teams! Take a look at

Here are 5 reasons why you should play rugby union!

1) Rugby Union will  definitely help you get into great shape!

2) It's a game that anyone can play - young, old, fat, skinny, male, female.

3) Players are renowned for playing  hard after games, so be prepared for a big post match session.

4) There is great singing at the games, much camaraderie – all in good humour and often the subject of great post match socials.

5)They say that Rugby Union is a ruffians game played by gentlemen. Well that is true and this makes it stand out in preference to many other professional sports where winning is everything and the £ sign is more important than anything else.
Tips For Rugby League Beginners 
Staff Profile
Staff Update from Clinical Director Kim
The Therapeutics Challenge was a huge success and so we say a big  “well done” to everyone involved.  An amazing  7300km were covered during the event and there is still time to pledge your support financially by going to .

Next Stop is our 24hr walk/runathon in the Therapeutic gym on 2nd April 2016. Volunteers are needed to do half hour stints  and  raise money for the 20th Anniversary  of the charity,

We extend a hearty welcome to Lyn Reeder, the latest addition to our team. Lyn is our new receptionist.

With Easter at the end of the month we will be closed  for holiday on the 25th and 28th of March 2016.

We currently have £350 in sponsorship but are waiting for the donations from our fitness teams to be added.
REMINDER - 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
The Therapeutics 20th anniversary celebration dinner will be help on October 21st 2016. To book your place (or for more info) please call us on 023 8065 3707.

And finally... WE NEED YOUR HELP:
We are now one full month into our staff fitness challenge and on target for our 7,300KMs. But... we need volunteers for our next challenge in April.

Our next challenge - on April 2nd - is a 24-hour walk/runathon here in our gym. To volunteer yourself (or a friend) to do half hour stints please call or email us.
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