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Replacement of Inactive SC Members

Dear Members,

After several months of disappointment about inactive SC members that led to demotivation, anger, frustration and intense discussions about a proper replacement procedure we, the active SC members, came up with a strategy to solve this issue and feel it is time to share this with our network. On this page we want to inform you about the steps we have taken so far.

We regret and hereby announce that Bart Dhondt, Michel Perlo, Nassima Guettal, Jaime Andres Carrero, Julia Duppré and Yangki Suara are no active members of the SC. As a consequence, we would like to encourage the Regions to develop a process to replace them. As a result of the process carried out by the Steering Committee there are 2 vacancies in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Americas and 1 vacancy in Europe. We understand that regions may want to collaborate with the Steering Committee in developing a process and we are open to assist. You can reach as at for assistance.

Your Steering Committee

Collection of Ideas

What does it mean to be Green?

Last month, we asked you to submit your statements, short articles, pictures, blog entries and other creative media on what it means to be Green. These are the first results that reached us:

"21st Century Youth Volunteerism" by Nuzhat Nobia,  "Greening the grainy browns of the Sahara Desert" by Kolawole Talabi and "A Green human being?" by Jennifer Werthwein.

We are still looking forward to more submissions, so keep sending your contributions! Here are the guidelines again.

URGENT Call for Web-editor

We are still searching for a web-editor who wants to take care of our website contents. Do you want to support us? Then read the call here.

New Webmaster

Since June we have a new webmaster and are very happy to welcome Daniel Rauber to our team. Read his presentation here.

Personal Reports

Half a year after our last personal reports, the members of the Steering Committee want to inform you about their current activities. Check out their personal reports here.

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Upcoming Events

Jul 31st - Aug 4th
Rhineland-Palatinate Summer Camp
by YG of LUX, D, NL, B, F
Birkenfeld/Nahe, Germany

Aug 10th-16th
Summer Camp
by CDN

Aug 12th
International Youth Day
by UN

Aug 14th-17th
Summer Camp
by YG of D, CH, A
Wagrain, Austria

Aug 29th - Sep 1st
Extraordinary GA
Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Experts' Meeting on African Climate Change Strategy

A couple of weeks ago Raymond Nyayiti from the Nigerian Young Greens had the opportunity to be part of the Experts' Meeting in Johannesburg. Here you can read a short summary.

Call for Office Assistant and Campaign Coordinator

FYEG is opening a two vacancies for position of office assistant and campaign coordinator. Read the call here.

Regional News



Youth University in Cusco, Peru

On 23 September 2013 the regional association of the Green movement in Cusco will held a Youth University in Cusco, Peru. The aim of the university is to address how we can contribute to slowing the current development model through sustainable development education. Check out the Facebook Pace of Asociación Civil Cusco or get in touch with Miguel Angel Morales at for more information.


Australian Young Greens Take to the Streets!

Young Greens around Australia have organised and participated in protests in every major city over the last two weeks to protest the government's devastating new asylum seeker policy, rallying for a more humanitarian approach, and spreading the word far and wide. More rallies are planned for the coming weeks, check this Facebook page for more information.

Asia-Pacific Greens Academy (APGA) in 2014

From 16-21 March 2014, the Asia-Pacific Greens Academy, a joint training project for young ecologists, will be held in conjunction with the 3rd APGN (Asia-Pacific Greens Network) Congress in the Phillipines. Specialists of Green politics will be invited to deliver intensive lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations as well as field-studies for young participants from all over the Asia-Pacific region. If you have interest or questions about the APGA project, please get in touch with us at


City Election Campaign Exchange in Germany

For the federal elections in Germany, Grüne Jugend (Green Youth Germany) organizes a City Election Campaign Exchange in the end of August/September. We want to make your voice visible as the young Europeans who do not get enough attention in our elections up to now. Young Greens from all over Europe can come to big cities in Germany (Berlin/Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Freiburg) in order to participate in the local campaigns. Join our exchange together with other international young Green activist! We are able to cover most of your expenses. Sounds interesting? Then write to before 8 August 2013.
Steering Committee

Africa: Rose Wachuka, Forget Chinomona,
Americas: Bernardo Estacio, Tanya Gutmanis,
Asia-Pacific: Robyn Lewis, Alex Surace,
Europe: Michaela Prassl, Teo Abaishvili, Sarah Benke

Global Young Greens
c/o FYEG
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