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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

Although the year is drawing to an end, we do not tire of spinning our global network and improving our internal structures. So we are happy to announce that you can finally become an official member of GYG! Moreover, there are positive news on the part of the Global Greens as well of some of our organizations you can read in this edition of our monthly newsletter.

If you want to publish your own news and upcoming events in the next newsletter, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah before the 31st of December 2012:

Last but not least, we wish you a successful conclusion of the year 2012 and would be pleased if you continue to accompany and support us on our way in the next year.

Merry year-end celebrations!
Your GYG Steering Committee

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GYG Membership forms are now online

Membership is open to all youth focused organisations and individuals under 35 who adhere to the principles outlined in the Global Young Greens Statutes and the Global Greens Charter. For more information and a link to the online forms to complete, follow this link.

Job Opportunity

Global Greens Secretary

The Global Greens is appointing a full-time Secretary to help with the continued development of the Global Greens. This is an exciting opportunity to play a central role in the development of the world’s most dynamic and progressive political force. For more information and to apply, visit here.

Global Greens Update

The Global Greens Secretary will move to Brussels from 2013 and the Global Young Greens have been invited to act as a special advisor to the newly formed Executive. We feel this is a positive step forward for both networks and will promote continued intergenerational dialogue. We are looking forward to working with the Global Greens in the coming months as the new structure takes shape. More info.

Climate Change Negotiations

Colleagues from the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change have developed this useful background guide to the climate change negotiations under way in Qatar at the moment. You can download the guide here.

Report: International Tolerance Day

November 16 is the annual International Tolerance Day. The FYEG Working Group on Migration, Culture and Identity collected several stories of people who despite this day still experience intolerance. See our blog for more!

Upcoming Events

December 1st
Apply for the FYEG Winter Camp!

December 3rd-7th
COP 18 Climate Change Workshop
Brussels, Belgium

December 6th-10th
CDN Caucasus Regional Meeting
by CDN
Tbilisi, Georgia

December 7th-9th
Still lovin' Feminism Seminar
by Austrian Young Greens
Graz, Austria

December 10th
Human Rights Day

December 12th-17th
Tuzla, Bosnia

December 14th-16th
Between Rule, Democracy and Anarchy
by German Young Greens
Berlin, Germany

ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum

December 3-6 the Global Youth Forum will convene in Bali to bring together over 900 participants. You can participate as a virtual participant during this time here.

Post 2015 Development Agenda

Participate in the post 2015 development agenda global discussion and outreach. Make sure young Green voices are heard. More information available here.

Regional News


Still lovin‘ Feminism Seminar by Austrian Young Greens (7-9 December 2012)

Once again the Austrian Young Greens took the chance to organize a seminar on feminism with the title “Still lovin’ Feminism”. It takes place from 7-9th December in the city of Graz, Austria and will focus on two bigger topics which are sexism and power relations as well as role models and queer theory. Additionally, the question of whether “feminism” is still needed to fight inequality will be discussed. To get more information [German] please follow this link.

CDN Caucasus Regional Meeting (6-10 December 2012)

From 6-10th December CDN (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe) and GeoYG, the Young Greens of Georgia, are organizing the Caucasus Regional Meeting for participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. The meeting will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The societies of the Caucasus share a common past but are on different paths towards the future. Nevertheless, one of the common points is a low level of political awareness and participation of young people. With this project we want to move forward and explore possible entrance points for youth to gain political influence and create applicable methods. We want to open up participation for all young people and thus create a more powerful base for positive social action.

The Greens and Left Future Party of Turkey

Sunday, 25 November, Green Party of Turkey and Equality and Freedom Party have merged into "Greens and Left Future Party" after a very strong, exciting, convivial founding congress with 600 founding members. Sevil Turan and Ali Arif Cangı are chosen as two spokespersons of the party. Sevil Turan is one of the leading women activists in Turkey and Ali Arif Cangı is a succesful lawyer who is also fighting for nature rights.Sunday, 25 November, Green Party of Turkey and Equality and Freedom Party have merged into "Greens and Left Future Party" after a very strong, exciting, convivial founding congress with 600 founding members.


Exchange between young women from Germany and Tunisia

From the 18th to the 28th of November, seven young women from the German Young Greens and seven young women from different associations in Tunisia participated in an exchange program dealing with the women's role in politics and society and women's rights. We visited different associations such as The Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research  and Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates and exchanged opinions about feminism and the women's role and activism before, during and after the Tunisian revolution. In April, the Tunisian women will come to Berlin to continue this exchange in Germany. In the longterm, we wish that a broader network with women from all over Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea evolves from this exchange program. You can find articles that resulted from the exchange here, more is coming!


Green Party US Youth Caucus

The Green Party of the US is experiencing significant growth thanks to the efforts of our recent presidential candidate, Jill Stein, whose Green New Deal platform articulated real solutions to the serious economic and ecological crisis facing our nation and the world. With the energy of a youth and worker oriented presidential campaign and a surge in young Green candidate for office, the Youth Caucus was officially accredited by GP-US to give youth an official voice in national party matters and to serve as an avenue for young Greens to become active in the Green Party. We plan to build a network of active youth across the country through high school and college organizations, as well as among young adults, to encourage youth political participation - as candidates for elected office and as activists and organizers in movements for justice. For more information please visit our website.

Brazilian Young Greens make a Regional Achievement

As the regional elections in Brasil are finishing up, the Brazilian Young Greens have achieved great progress in South America as some of the members that ran for office and that won, are also some of the youngest. With new goals and objectives at hand, the Brasil Young Greens Stand up as they carry similar responsibility to the "big leaders."

Federation of American Young Greens: Establishment Congress Approved for 2013

The general Prep Team of the Federation of American Young Greens celebrates as the Federation of Green parties of America has decided to support the biggest congress yet for the American Young Greens. After months of debates and a long meeting between the Brazilian Representative of the GYG SC (and member of Congress Prep Team) Julia Duppre, with the General Congress of FGPAmerica - have chosen 2013 as the year to establish the congress, with Chile as a potential host-country!

Colombian Young Greens International Congress

The call arises - The congress of the Colombian Young Greens is on the horizon. The Colombian Young Greens want to gain international support as they call in participants from all over America, also inviting guests from the GYG SC. What awaits in the future after this congress is done? Only time will tell, but a new vision of Colombian Young Greens comes aboard.



APYGN discussion email list

This email list is for the Asia Pacific Young Greens Network can be used to share updates of the work you or your organisation are doing in the Asia Pacific and to discuss opportunities for collaboration and networking. It is also the place where discussions on the future of APYGN will take place, to ensure that our work is focused on what young greens want from the network. For general updates you can follow the APYGN on Facebook.

Hydro Tasmania builds dams in Sarawak, Malaysia

The Greens have been at the fore of a campaign to make Hydro Tasmania (electricity Government Business Enterprise in Tasmania) accountable for its actions in Sarawak, Malaysia. Hydro Tasmania is helping to build dams in Sarawak that are displacing thousands of indigenous people. Recently, SBS Dateline did a program on it. See here. Save Sarawak Rivers Coalition will be touring around Australia at the end of December and early November. They will be visiting Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart and holding public events. See their website for more info and for how to get involved. This is a great example of how people in democratically robust countries like Australia can take action to ensure that the actions of their governments support democratic and sustainable development in other countries within their region.
Steering Committee

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