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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

We hope that you have had nice New Year's Eve festivities with your families and friends and could enjoy a wonderful start into the new year!

If there is something we on our part can reveal already now, then it is that we are certainly not less curious about what the coming months are going to bring for our global movement than you. We are very excited about the new year and happy to announce that it will certainly bring some positive changes and new developments.

We hope that our global network will develop and extend in 2013. In order to realize this, you can support us by becoming a member of GYG. Read more about this in the article below.

If you want to share your experiences, activities and upcoming events with us and publish them in the next newsletter, please get in touch with Sarah at before the 31st of January 2013. We are looking forward to your news!

A happy GREEN year 2013,
Your GYG Steering Committee

Become a Member!

GYG Membership forms are online

Last month we started our "Become a Member of GYG!" campaign. Membership is open to all youth focused organisations and individuals under 35 who adhere to the principles outlined in the Global Young Greens Statutes and the Global Greens Charter. You want to join us? For more information and a link to the online forms to complete, follow this link.

International Migrants Day

Skype conference with MEP Ska Keller

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day on December 18th the FYEG Working Group "Migration, Culture and Identity" organised a Skype conference with Ska Keller, Green Member of the European Parliament. Ska is mainly responsible for migration and border policies, as well as trade and development. In roughly one hour we talked about current issues in the EU like the Commission's plan to introduce highly technologized equipment in border and migration control with EUROSUR and the Smart Border package. Other topics have been the EU agreements with third countries, the current rise of fascist parties in Europe and the discrimination of Roma trying to use their right of free movement in the EU.

Global Youth Forum

Over 600 youth advocates and stakeholders met in Bali, Indonesia to put youth rights at the heart of the post 2015 development agenda. Alex Surace, member of the GYG Steering Committee, was one of them. The outcome document represents the progressive discussions, however there are claims that large youth conferences have their limitations too.

African Youth Conference

Rose Wachuka, member of the GYG Steering Committee, represented GYG at the African Youth Conference on 18-20th December at the United Nations Offices-Gigiri in Nairobi. In the run-up to this conference, the organisers set up an African Youth Survey to map the MDG'S in Africa. The same can be accessed here.

4th Edition of Green European Journal

The 4th edition of the Green European Journal "Equality and Sustainability" is out! We hope you find time to enjoy it over the vacation break. You can read it here.

Global Power Shift

Global Power Shift is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. Applications close January 4th. More info.

Upcoming Events

Jan 1st
New Year's Day

Jan 3rd-5th
New Year Conference
by Austrian Young Greens
Tulln, Austria

Jan 5th
General Assembly
by Austrian Young Greens
Tulln, Austria

Jan 8th
Deadline for Applications to the Winter Camp
Helsinki, Finland

Jan 19th
National Convention
by Malagasy Greens

Jan 27th
International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan 31st - Feb 3rd
Summer Camp
Thames, New Zealand

YEE Publication on Leadership

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is very happy to share with you the latest publication "How to be a leader in an environmental organisation". This booklet can be your starting point to becoming a more effective leader. Read more.

My World Survey

Have your say on the next priorities of the development agenda. More info.

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Regional News


The Nigerian Young Greens Re-organisation meeting

The Nigerian Young Greens had a re-organisation and consultative meeting on 8th December 2012 at Abuja Nigeria. Among key outcomes was the resolution that Nigerian Young Greens would among other things promote the values and objectives of GYG. They were also resolute in their mandate as members of the Global Greens, the African Greens Federation and the Federation of Young African Greens to create linkages that would see them working better with these organisations. We hope to see more of the Nigerian Young Greens at GYG virtual events!

Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU) expands its Young Green Networks

EPU launched Young Greens of Nkumba University and Kigoowa parish on 2nd and 4th November 2012 respectively. In addition, the first ever Women Greens network was launched alongside the Young Greens of Kigoowa parish.

Kenya Young Greens (KYG) held its Annual General Meeting

KYG held its annual congress on 8th-9th November 2012 in Nairobi-Kenya. Among the key outcomes of the congress was a progress report of the gains of young greens in Kenya and the role of KYG within the African Region. This congress culminated in the visit of Kelvin Kaunda, president of the Zambian Young Greens to Kenya to create linkages with KYG and seek out areas of collaboration. This initiative will see the collaboration of most Young Green organisations in Africa.

The Malagasy Greens hold their convention in January 2013

The Malagasy Greens will hold their National Convention on 19th January 2013 in the run up to the Presidential elections in May 2013. The Greens presidents of 119 districts, the Greens presidents of 22, as well as Greens activists whom we have limited to about 3,000 people, plus diplomatic personnel, other colleagues heads of various political parties and and several members of the Transitional Government will attend this event. AGF has been invited to this event and in turn Young Greens from Africa. The Young Greens of Madagascar will also play a pivotal role in this convention.


New Zealand Young Greens Summer Camp

The traditional Summer Camp of the New Zealand Young Greens (NZYG) will take place from 31 January to 3 February 2013 in Thames, New Zealand. It is going to be a fun weekend at the former co-leader of the NZ Green Party's farm. We will be holding our AGM and running sessions on the Treaty of Waitangi, conflict resolution, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Cost: $NZ45. Sadly no funding available. Check out the Facebook event here. Any queries to Jackson Wood at

Australian Young Greens joined in the "Too Precious to Lose Campaign"

Young Greens from around Australia joined in the "Too Precious to Lose Campaign Day of Action" to protect Federal Environmental Laws from being handed over to the States. Thanks to broad public pressure, the Government has said they will not be going ahead with their plans at the moment.


Annual General Assembly of the Czech Young Greens

On the weekend from the 14th to the 16th of December 2012 the Czech Young Greens held their General Assembly. The members discussed a new approach to campaigning, statute changes and activities in the following year. Also a new board has been elected, consisting of 5 members.

General Assembly of the Austrian Young Greens

The Austrian Young Greens invite you to their General Assembly on 5 January 2013 in Tulln. From 3 January to 5 January they will also hold their New Year Conference titled "Achieving the Impossible". Register online.

French Young Greens successful on all fronts

The last months have been quite intense and successful for the French Young Greens. Calling citizens up to build a more equal, ecological and fairer society, they ran a campaign supporting the draft law on legalization of homosexual marriage and adoption. More information can be found here. Moreover, they protested against the project of a new airport in Brittany in the West of France. In the coming year, they want to contribute to the national debate on energy transition. Find more on their website.

German Young Greens' Seminar about Domination, Democracy and Anarchy

From the 14th to the 16th of December 2012 a seminar by the German Young Greens about the question of domination and power in contrast to equality and open participation of every person took place in Berlin, Germany. The participants learnt a lot about the structures that allow domination in theory and practice and also reflected their own behavior. For freedom and equality for everyone!
Steering Committee

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