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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

Barely one month has now passed since the turn of the year and we are delighted to share a lot of news with you!

First of all, we are very happy about the impact of our press release to support the Turkish sociologist Pınar Selek that was even translated and published in the Turkish press. Precisely because Pınar Selek received life sentence the day after and the international protests did not break off, we feel encouraged to continue supporting her and will not declare our agreement with this verdict.

Moreover, we want to remind you of supporting our network by becoming a real member of GYG. Please consider the application process and do not hesitate to catch up with us if you have any question.

If you want to share your experiences, activities and upcoming events with us and publish them in the next newsletter, please get in touch with Sarah at before the 25th of February 2013. We are looking forward to your news!

With international regards,
Your GYG Steering Committee

What do we do?

Personal Reports of the SC Members

After nearly one year since the 3rd GYG Congress in Dakar, the members of the Steering Committee want to inform you about their activities. You can check out our personal reports here.

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Press Releases

Have a look at our latest statements and press releases!

23 January 2013: Global Young Greens support Pınar Selek

Our archive of press releases can be found here.

GYG Participants to FYEG Winter Camp

After a long period of screening countless applications and choosing the most qualified candidates, we are delighted to nominate our two GYG participants to the FYEG Winter Camp: Uma Sigdel from Nepal and Tanya Gutmanis from Canada will attend the event in Finland and represent GYG to young Green people from all over Europe. Read their personal introductions and motivation here.

FYEG Publication "Reclaim the Future"

FYEG just published its newest publication "Reclaim the Future". This publication deals with the difficult socio-economic situation of young people in Europe caused by the financial crisis. Moreover, you can check the thematic website here.

Upcoming Events

Feb 6th
International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
by UN

Feb 12th
Red Hand Day

Feb 22th-24th
General Assembly
by CDN
Istanbul, Turkey

Resignation Notice

A short while ago, Amy Tyler announced her resignation as member of the GYG Steering Committee. We regret her decision, but wish her good luck and all the best for future projects!

Let's change Europe!

Some members of FYEG and Green MEP Ska Keller have launched a petition meant to reclaim the future of European youth. If you want to sign their petition, check out

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Regional News



Accreditation of Kenya Young Greens as Elections Observer in Kenya

Kenya Young Greens (KYG) has been accredited as a long-term elections observer in Kenya by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). In addition to selected members of KYG the international observers are Frank Habineza (Rwanda/AGF), Charles Lwanga Bbaale (Uganda/AGF) Ingrid Nyman (Sweden/FYEG) and Philippe Schockweiler (Luxemburg/FYEG). In the run up to the March 2013 General Elections, these election observers will join a team of local and international observers during the electioneering period. KYG hopes that they can all make it to Kenya in March for this critical exercise!



Falafel Network: Green Youth Mediterranean Network founded

40 young green-minded left activists from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe gathered in Luxembourg to build a network across the Mediterranean Sea. In the end of January the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) and the Luxembourg Young Greens hosted this meeting that should connect youth wings of European Green Parties with activists in the region to create a structure of mutual support and enhance each others capacities. The meeting facilitated peer-to-peer learning about democracy activism and democratic movements as well as exchange knowledge and personal experiences about the different political situations and the struggle for human rights and democracy. It fostered the cooperation and understanding between progressive forces in the Middle East and Northern Africa and its European counterparts. For more information contact Michael Bloss at


Young Greens of Canada

Preparations are under way for several major initiatives in the coming months. With provincial elections in British Columbia slated for May 14th, the Young Greens are working to nominate candidates and organize volunteers for the campaign. The BC Greens have several strong candidates, including BC Greens leader Jane Sterk and Nobel Prize winner Andrew Weaver. You can find more information and follow the campaign here. We are excited to keep building on the strong performance of Canada's first Green MP, Elizabeth May. Ms. May was named one of the top five "Gamechangers" of the year by the CBC as well as "Parliamentarian of the Year" by MacLeans magazine. The Young Greens are also excited for the results of a comprehensive re-branding effort that reflects the growth of the Young Greens over the years and our prominent place within the Green Party. One feature will be a new, more responsive website that will help us be a more effective and open organization. We've had a great start to the new year, and are excited for the upcoming months.

First Green Youth Congress in Colombia

In the last week of January, the first Green Youth Congress with about 400 young participants from 32 departments took place in Colombia. Together with the National Committee of the Green Party, the young people spoke about their projects for the next two years and elected the new Executive Committee consisting of 32 members. Peace, education, environmental issues and political participation will be the main fields of work for the young Colombians in the coming years.



Austrian Young Greens: New board members

The Austrian Young Greens are happy to announce that they have a new national board since their last congress in January. The new team is highly motivated and has already started to work on various projects such as feminism seminars and the annual sommercamp organized in cooperation with the Bavarian, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Swiss Young Greens. Follow the link to have a look at the new team [German].


Queering Green/Greening Queer Network

Last December, 30 green and LGBT+ activists from the Balkans and Europe gathered in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina and formed the Queering Green/Greening Queer youth Network. The establishment of this network is a product of a series of three seminars organized by FYEG in the Balkans (Zagreb, Belgrade and Tuzla) on different LGBT+ topics. The main aim of the network is to join our forces and fight together against the discrimination and violence against LGBT+ people. The network will focus its activities on South-Eastern Europe in the first place but wants to develop a Pan-European Network of the Greens and LGBT+ movement. We recently published a call for members of the temporary coordination body of the network. For more information please check our blog or contact Dragana Drndarevska at
Steering Committee

Rose Wachuka, Nassima Guettal, Forget Chinomona, Michel Perlo, Julia Duppre, Bernardo Estacio, Tanya Gutmanis, Jaime Andres Carrero, Robyn Lewis, Yangki Imade Suara, Alex Surace, Michaela Prassl, Teo Abaishvili, Bart Dhondt, Sarah Benke

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