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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

Summer, or winter depending where you are, are drawing to a close. Fear not! Green activities are thriving. With conferences and camps in both hemispheres, there is plenty of excitement in the Young Greens Movement this month!

This newsletter will provide snippets of info about various activities our members have been involved in. Get reading, and get inspired!

Moreover, we kindly invite you to share your experiences with us and report about Green activities in your local community. If you want to publish your news in the next newsletter, do not hesitate to send an email including all necessary information to

Think globally, go Green!
Your GYG Steering Committee

Call for Webmaster

You have experience in web administration, are motivated to dedicate some time to GYG and are able to act fast when problems occur? Then our Call for Webmaster might be the right one for you!

Please read the job description on this page carefully before filling in the application form. Deadline for applications to be sent to the email address is 21st September 2012.

Press Releases

Have a look at our latest statements and press releases!

12 August 2012: Partnering with Youth, Building a better world

18 August 2012: Free Pussy Riot - Now more than ever!

Our archive of press releases can be found here.

Rio+20 – What happened? What is next?

The Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, hosted by the Brazilian Government 20-22 June 2012, has widely been seen as a failure. Read GYG’s in-depth analysis of what happened at Rio+20 and what the next steps are.

Networking Day by ICMYO

ICMYO are organising an open Networking Day as part of their 8th yearly meeting on September 8th in Cairo, Egypt. To learn more and register for this event please visit this link here. A copy of the draft agenda can be found here.

Upcoming Events

September 8th
International Literacy Day

September 8th
Networking Day by ICMYO
Cairo, Egypt

September 15th
International Day of Democracy

September 15th-22nd
Training "Youth Speakers: Turn the Green Volume on!"
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

September 30th
National Elections of the Young Greens Colombia

Earth Overshoot Day 2012

August 22nd was Earth Overshoot day. This basically means we have used all the natural resources and ecological services that can be expected to renew themselves this year. In common banking terms, it means we are now drawing down on our capital rather than living on the interest. Find out more here.

Regional News


Local Elections in Belgium

Belgium prepares for local elections taking place on the 14th of October 2012. Jong Groen, the Young Greens of Belgium, are full of energy to take on the challenges connected to this event. In the biggest cities, members of the Young Greens are in pole position to get elected into the city councils. To prove the guts of these young talented politicians, one of them challenged a senior politician to go into a sign language debate.

Summer Tour of the Austrian Young Greens

The Austrian Young Greens are touring from city to city from 25th August until 8th of September in order promote the fact the we all own the cities. Picnics, barbeques, open air theatres and boardwalk cafes will be organized. For more information (in German) visit this website.

Report: Summer Camp of the Austrian Young Greens

The summer camp, held in Bavaria, was very successful. The over hundred young people enjoyed the beautiful location as well as the vegan catering and of course the sessions on freedom and borders. To view some of the pictures visit follow this link.


Green Party leader Frank Habineza to end self-exile

The President of the African Greens Federation plans to end his self exile to Sweden and return to Rwanda to spearhead the registration of the Democratic Party of Rwanda ahead of the September 2013 general elections. For more, please follow this link.

Launch of Young Greens of Mukono, Uganda

The Young Greens of Mukono is the youth chapter of the Ecological Party of Uganda, whose purpose is to strengthen the participation of the youth in green politics, democracy and development. EPU has put in place result-oriented mechanisms and governance structures to promote Green politics in Uganda through the formation of both the Young Greens and Women Greens clubs in every constituency in Uganda. More information can be gotten on or by contacting Robinah Nanyunja via

New Website of Kenya Young Greens

Kenya Young Greens has launched a new interactive website to enhance its objective of spreading the Green principles nationally and within the region. The website can be accessed at In addition to this, Kenya Young Greens is supporting Kenyan Youth to make preparations ahead of the parliamentary and county elections in March 2013.



Historical Elections and First Congress of the Young Greens Colombia

On September 30 the Young Greens Colombia will have their national elections. These elections are approved and supported by the Colombian government and the main goal is to choose participants for the first Congress of the Young Greens Colombia which will take place from the 12th until the 15th of October in Antioqua. The youth wing of the Green party wants to use this event in order to consolidate itself as an independent and united movement striving for the preservation of the Colombian and Latin American environment. The Young Greens Colombia kindly invite the international community to join them. More information can be found on or


Report: Australian Young Greens Conference 2012

The Australian Young Greens Conference brought together around 60 Young Greens from all across the country (and even one from New Zealand!). As the first national conference, it was a wonderful experience to be able to build connections with those interstate, and to begin to build a national network. The leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne, as well as former leader Bob Brown were there to share their wisdom, and Alex Surace and Robyn Lewis from the GYG Steering Committee attended the conference, and even doing a bit of GYG promotion on the side.
Steering Committee

Rose Wachuka, Nassima Guettal, Forget Chinomona, Michel Perlo,
Julia Duppre, Bernardo Estacio, Tanya Gutmanis, Jaime Andres Carrero,
Robyn Lewis, Yangki Imade Suara, Alex Surace, Amy Tyler,
Michaela Prassl, Teo Abaishvili, Bart Dhondt, Sarah Benke

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