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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

Silly season? No way! In these days, all over the world Young Greens are gathering at Summer or Winter Camps in order to discuss Green topics and current political issues.

This newsletter will inform you about our young Green movements and their current work on a global as well as regional level. Feel invited to think outside the box and have fun reading it!

Moreover, we kindly invite you to share your experiences with us and report about Green activities in your local community. If you want to publish your news in the next newsletter, do not hesitate to send an email including all necessary information to

Think globally, go Green!
Your GYG Steering Committee

Working Groups

Call for Working Group on Climate Change

You are involved in an environmental movement and want to work on the issue of climate change? Then join our Working Group on Climate Change that is still looking for interested people! If you want to get more information, please get in touch with bernardo@globalyounggreens and alex@globalyounggreens

Report: Working Group on Eradication of Poverty

The main objective of our Working Group is to organize a Global Action Day on Eradication of Poverty on the 17th of October. We will inform you about our work as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Wanted: Multilingual Talents!

We are looking for bi/multilingual Young Greens who would like to help translate our important documents. Especially interested in Spanish, French and German translation, but anyone who would be willing and able to translate documents in any language, please contact or

Online Survey - Youth Inputs for Secretary General's Youth Initiative

The United Nations is developing a System-Wide Action Plan on Youth. This Action Plan will affect the way the whole UN system will work with and for youth in the coming years. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire which is available in all six UN official languages by August 15.

5th Global Environment Outlook Report

The 5th Global Environment Outlook Report was released in June by the United Nations Environment Program. The message is very clear - if we don't speed up our response and collaborate more effectively - we are running a serious risk of severe environmental decline in our lifetime. How can we integrate these disturbing trends more actively into how we organise ourselves as young Greens?

Summaries in multiple languages
English e-book summary
Full report in multiple languages

Upcoming Events

July 31st - Aug 5th
5th Summer Academy of Ecopolitics
Bodajk, Hungary

August 8th-12th
Summer Camp of the Young Greens of Austria, Bavaria, Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg
Regensburg, Germany

August 12th
International Youth Day

August 17th-19th
Australian Young Greens Conference
Hobart, Australia

September 8th
International Literacy Day

September 15th
International Day of Democracy

September 15th-22nd
Training "Youth Speakers: Turn the Green Volume on!"
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Sep 30th - Oct 3rd
FYEG Working Groups Meeting 
Brussels, Belgium

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Regional News


Report: CDN Summer Camp

This year, the traditional Summer Camp of CDN, the Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, took place from the 23rd until the 29th of July at a cosy venue in the South of Belarus. Around 50 participants from all over Europe discussed the topic "Green Perspective on European Values". More information can be found here.

Summer Camp of the Austrian Young Greens

The Austrian Young Greens (Young Greens/Alternatives) are organizing their annual summer camp; this time with the Bavarian Young Greens, the Swiss Young Greens and the Young Greens of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It will take place from the 8.-12.8.2012 near Regensburg, Bavaria, and be concerned with topics such as power, authority, oppressions and how politics should be applied more effectively. More information can be found here (in German) and here (in German and French).


Report: 8th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations

The 8th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations in the framework of the 4th African University on Youth and Development took place in Sao Vicente Cape Verde from the 13th until the 20th of July 2012. GYG was represented by Rose Wachuka and Sarah Benke who are both members of the GYG Steering Committee representing Africa and Europe. The Federation of Young European Greens was also represented by Razvan Sandru. A detailed report can be found on our website.

African Greens Federation registered in Burkina Faso

The African Greens Federation is now registered in Burkina Faso with its headquarters there. See the launch of the headquarters as covered by Burkina Media here.



First Congress of the Colombian Young Greens

The Colombian Young Greens will have their First congress in October this year. They are extending an invitation to Members of GYG to attend. There will also be a Green Party Federation Meeting in November 2011 where new directive members of the Federation of Young American Greens will be selected and revenue sources for future of the Federation will be analysed. More information can be found on their website.

2012 - The Election Year

2012 is shaping up to be an important year for elections in the continent of America. Elections include, the Presidential elections in the United States and Venezuela, elections for capital city Mayorsin Brasil (October) and regional elections in Venezuela in December. The elections to be watching will be the Presidential elections in the US and Venezuela as Obama and Chavez will both be coming up for re-election and the polls are still out as to whether they will win or lose. Both Presidents have taken their respective countries in strong policy directions that influence global politics. Under Chavez, Venezuela has moved to a centralised governance system with power centralised in the presidency. A change of presidency in Venezuela would have ramifications across all Latin America particularly with their neighbours, Colombia and Ecuador whilst affecting the power balance as Cuba would potentially lose a strong ally.  

Elections in the United States - What about environmental policies?

The national elections in the United States of America are moving closer and according to the latest polls Obama has taken a slight lead over Roomey. So far, none of the candidates expresses his opinion about environmental policies which is quite worrisome considering the fact that the United States is the most polluting country in the world and the last presidents have violated or even renegotiated treaties and international environmental agreements for decades without political consequences. Whereas the national elections, happening on the 6th of November, will produce a winner, environmental issues will apparently still be treated with contempt.


Report: Winter Camp of the New Zealand Young Greens

Around 50 young Greens from New Zealand gathered together in their capital to network and to organise their main focuses until 2014, their next election year. With some wonderful campaigns regarding marriage equality, youth involvement and voting, and international Green relations on the way!

Australian Young Greens Conference 2012

The Tasmanian Young Greens are hosting the 2012 Australian Young Greens Conference in Hobart in August. The theme of this conference focuses on 40th Birthday of the Greens in Australia and will see delegates come up with their 40 year vision for Australia and the world. More information can be found here. The Facebook page provides you with news.

Steering Committee

Rose Wachuka, Nassima Guettal, Forget Chinomona, Michel Perlo,
Julia Duppre, Bernardo Estacio, Tanya Gutmanis, Jaime Andres Carrero,
Robyn Lewis, Yangki Imade Suara, Alex Surace, Amy Tyler,
Michaela Prassl, Teo Abaishvili, Bart Dhondt, Sarah Benke

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