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Global Young Greens Newsletter

Dear Young Greens,

Our first GYG Global Action Day was a huge success! Young Green people from all over the world realized different kinds of actions on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17th. We are a global youth movement and you can even SEE that!

In this edition of our newsletter, you can also find a Call for GYG participants to attend the FYEG Winter Camp. We are very happy about offering you this opportunity and are looking forward to receiving your applications.

If you want to publish your own news and upcoming events in the next newsletter, please get in touch with Sarah:

Do not hesitate to take action!
Your GYG Steering Committee

Join the FYEG Winter Camp in Finland!

Call for GYG Participants

The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) invites Global Young Greens (GYG) activists to participate in its Winter Camp. The Winter Camp will take place in (or near) Helsinki, Finland from 25 February to 3 March 2013. We encourage persons who strive to build the capacities of GYG and commit themselves to strengthen this global movement either on a regional or on the global level to apply. The participant(s) is/are encouraged to examine closely the institutional structure of FYEG and other organisations present at the Winter Camp.

We wish that the participant(s) explain(s) in a short motivational letter, what s/he thinks would be the benefit of their selection and participation for GYG and how s/he wants to use the experience that s/he will gain for strengthening the structures of GYG and its federations.

Please find the whole call including the requirements for your applications here. The deadline for the submission of your applications is the 18th of November 2012 (12.00PM CET).

Press Releases

Have a look at our latest statements and press releases!

17 Oct 2012: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Our archive of press releases can be found here.

Impressions of the GYG Global Action Day

We are very happy and proud about the actions young Green people from all over the world realized on occasion of the GYG Global Action Day for the Eradication of Poverty. We would like to share some impressions of this day with all of you: Click here to have a look at our picture galerie. The Young Greens of Turkey even realized a video you can watch here.

Call for Stories: International Tolerance Day

On the 18th of November will be the International Tolerance Day. The FYEG's workig group Migration, Culture and Identity support this day strongly. Therefore we ask you to share with us your personal story of a situation where you experienced intolerance! Please read the whole call here.

Upcoming Events

November 3rd
20 Years of Young Greens Berlin
Berlin, Germany

November 8th-9th
General Meeting of the Kenyan Young Greens
Nairobi, Kenya

November 9th
Memorial Day of the Night of Broken Glass

November 17th
General Assembly of MODOM
Skopje, Macedonia

November 18th
International Tolerance Day

November 20th
International Children's Day

November 25th
International for the Elimination of Violence against Women

New GYG Web Team

Since October, we have a new web team! The team consists of our webmaster Gerrit Depner ( from the German Young Greens and our webeditor Janet Wanguri Njeri ( from the Kenyan Young Greens. Here you can read their personal introductions. Feel free to contact our web team whenever you want to!

Future of the Commons

This publication by the Green European Foundation brings together a number of contributions that were made at a day-long seminar held in Brussels earlier this year on the subject of the commons. While many people have a broad idea of 'the commons', a means of co-managing a resource for the community as a whole, what does it means in practice? There is an English PDF as well as a French PDF.

Regional News


Report: Federal Congress of the German Young Greens

From 26th to 28th October ca. 350 members of the German Young Greens (GRÜNE JUGEND) met in Gelsenkirchen to hold their 39. Federal Congress, which takes place twice a year. The programme was densely packed with the election of a new executive board (ten people with a 50+ quota), a comprehensive reform of the Internal Rules of Procedure and structures, following a two-year-process of analysing problems and debating solutions, as well as the passage of the work programme for the next twelve months, including amongst others the decision to Europeanise the upcoming campaign for the federal election in 2013. The topical focus areas of the congress were women's and gender politics, which was reflected in a variety of motions and workshops.

Report: Austrian Young Greens raised awareness about Nations, Borders and Nationalism

The Austrian Young Greens (Junge Gruene/Junge Alternative) organized a campaign on the national holiday of Austria which was on the 26th October to raise awareness about the issues concerning nations, borders and nationalism. To get more information - in German - follow this link. In case you are interested to see some of the material - also in German - the Austrian Young Greens used, check out this link.

Report: Serbian Green Youth and LGBTIQ Rights

This October, the Serbian Green Youth was the host of a seminar about LGBTIQ rights called "Queering Green Theory/Greening Queer Theory" and organized by the Federation of Young European Greens, the Green European Foundation and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The seminar gathered Green and LGBTIQ activists from all over Europe where they had the opportunity to meet with the organizers of this year's Belgrade Pride. Unfortunately, the Pride was not held as the authorities banned it. Therefore, the Serbian Green Youth and FYEG issued a joined press release in order to show solidarity with the LGBTIQ community in Serbia. The Participants of seminar had the chance to participate in an alternative Pride, which was done in a form of a press conference where the date for the next Belgrade Pride was announced: September 29th, 2013.

General Assembly of MODOM (Macedonia) on 17 November 2012

In these days, MODOM ("Youth Organization of the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia") is preparing its second general assembly, which will take place on 17 November 2012. The organization is working on a new program that will be beneficial for the upcoming local elections in spring. There was already a prepаratory seminar for the general assembly, held in September in cooperation with CDN (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe) on the issue "Development of youth activism and running a green campaign". Besides that, MODOM showed its support for the LGBTQ community, for example at the exhibition "Nazi terror against homosexuals from 1933 to 1945" in the Holocaust Memorial Center in Skopje as well as at the opening of the Center for Support of the LGBTQ community at the Old Turkish Bazaar.


Young Greens of Makere (Uganda)

The Ecological party of Uganda launched the Young Greens of Makerere on 19th October 2012 in a ceremony characterised by pomp and colour. Please check this website for more details.


Canada: Powershift 2012

From October 26-29 2012, hundreds of young people from across the country gathered in Ottawa to strengthen the movement for climate and environmental justice. Power Shift 2012 aimed to build an environmental and climate justice movement that can transform our society, so that our future can be enjoyed by everyone, not only those who can afford it. Power Shift - which was organized solely by youth, was also about learning from each other, learning together, and using that knowledge to develop common strategies for creating positive change. Power Shift aimed to ensure that once the gathering is over our movement continues to grow through networks, common strategies and continued capacity building.


Asia-Pacific Young Greens

The APYGN is being developed and they would love for you to get involved. Any youth who are politically motivated for the positive change can join the network. If you are looking for guidance and a platform, to inspire, empower, and engage youth to be part of creating green change; get involved. Here you can find APYGN on Facebook. The email address is and the Skype account is called asiapacificyounggreens. Mritunjay jha from the Nepali Greens is the person you can get in touch with.

Marriage Equality T-shirt Competition by the Tasmanian Young Greens

The Tasmanian Young Greens organised an Australia wide Marriage Equality T-shirt Competition as part of the campaign for equal rights. The winning design will be available for purchase and contribute to the ongoing grass roots campaign. This could be an idea your group uses to engage young people to get involved in activist movements. More information can be found here.

Young Greens engaging with Australian Greens National Conference

This weekend the Australian Greens National Conference is being held in Sydney. As part of the 4 days of policy discussion and networking, young greens will be organising a breakfast and workshop to identify ways of working together in the coming year as well as ensuring youth perspectives and priorities are included as outcomes of the broader conference. Here you can find more information and here you can find the Australian Young Greens on Facebook.
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