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“Tanghulu of Childhood” by Yinuo Xu of Arcadia, California (Age 14)

“Hot Pot” by Julianne Yang of San Lorenzo, California (Age 7)

"Delectable Delights Theme is Food
for Thought and Art"

A remarkable number of gifted artists submitted artwork for the 2015 National Art Competition, sponsored by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance and the Chinese American Museum.  This biennial national competition provides students of all ages the opportunity to express their creativity, originality and extraordinary artistic skills using a variety of distinct mediums including oil, watercolors, acrylic, crayon, pen, pencil and charcoal.
The goal of the competition is to encourage students to reflect on their cultural heritage, promote diversity and celebrate the past and continuing contributions of Chinese Americans.
Students from across the country submitted entries on this year’s theme, “Delectable Delights.”
An important part of the rich Chinese cultural heritage can be found in its food.  Chinese take great pride in their culinary tradition, passing it from generation to generation – from the savory to the sweet, and from the basic, home-style cooking to extravagant banquet delicacies.  What is your favorite Chinese food memory?
Top placing entries receive a cash scholarship towards their educational endeavors:  Grand Prize – $500 each; First Place – $300 each; Second Place – $200 each; and Third Place – $100 each.
Upper Division – Yinuo Xu
Lower Division – Julianne Yang
DIVISION 1 (Kindergarten to Grade 3):
First Place – Xianghan Rocia Han
Second Place – Melissa Meng
Third Place – William Lee
DIVISION 2 (Grade 4 to Grade 6):
First Place –  Ray Tong
Second Place –  Baopu Zhou
Third Place –  Sarah Arim Kong
DIVISION 3 (Grade 7 to Grade 9):
First Place –  Liu Yang
Second Place –  Amanda Huang
Third Place –  Jessica Luo
DIVISION 4 (Grade 10 to Grade 12):
First Place –  Rachel Yee
Second Place –  Catherine Yang
Third Place –  Ginnie Bang
Adrian Guerrero
Claire Huang
Matthew Huang
Kathryn Koerner
Mariko Locke
Jean Wendolyn Olmsted
Emily Song
Jerry Wang
Joyce Zhang
The Chinese American Citizens Alliance, along with the Chinese American Museum, congratulates all of this year’s scholarship recipients.

[A prior email announcing these results was inadvertently sent in error with the incorrect subject.  Our apologies for this mistake.]


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