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Dear Plymouth Rock Mullets:

I am excited to announce the release of P. Hux "Live" Deluxe a remastered vintage live recording of the original P. Hux lineup: Gordon Townsend on drums, Rob Miller on bass and myself on guitar and vocals. "Live" Deluxe features eight songs from my award-winning 1995 album P. Hux "Deluxe" as well as "Buddha, Buddha" and "Things Could Be Worse" which later appeared on my albums Thank You Bethesda and Tracks & Treasures. You can order the album here:

Recorded in Durham, North Carolina on May 31, 1996, P. Hux "Live" Deluxe has cleaned up beautifully for this CD release with help from modern technology. The sound is punchy and clear and presents a great portrait of a band on tour and on fire. Chances are you didn't see us back in the day--we only did one tour--but  P. Hux "Live" Deluxe will take you right to the front row of our show!

Want to hear a sample? Here's a link to "Every Minute" from P. Hux "Live" Deluxe:

The CD contains an 8-page booklet with photos and details of the tour. Here's page 2:

"Deluxe" has long been a fan favorite. Now you can hear most of the album "live"!  Order P. Hux "Live" Deluxe now from the P. Hux Store at


Staying in the DC area for Thanksgiving? Come see my show on Saturday NOV 28th!

On Saturday November 28th I will present a two-hour show featuring all--well let's make that "most"--of your favorite songs by THE BEATLES, ELO and P. HUX. My band will include Orchestra drummer Gordon Townsend and Maryland superstars David Phenicie on bass and vocals and Ben Hoyt on violin.

Besides Beatles and ELO we will also perform songs from the new CD P. HUX "LIVE" DELUXE.  That's right. You can hear the new "live" album, "live!"  We will have copies of the new CD for sale and for signing.

This special early show will run from 6 to 8pm at one of my favorite places to play--Jammin Java in  Vienna, VA. We will fill all two hours with as much music as possible. Please get good seats now by clicking on this URL:


P. Hux CDs & T-Shirts


When you order CDs and shirts directly from my site your purchases allow me to continue working as a recording artist. I appreciate the support! I sign every CD and you'll also get a custom Dunlop "P. Hux" pick. Links below will take you to my store.  I use PayPal for processing. Thanks!

Thank You Bethesda   My latest studio album. Includes "Love Is The Greatest Thing", "Angeleno", "Turn The Soil" and the rockin' title song.  Gordon Townsend, Dan Rothchild and Dan Clarke bring the grooves.

Kiss The Monster includes some fan favorites like "Bones" and "My Friend Hates Me." Nominated for Album of the Year 2007 by JPF, the world's largest online community.

P. Hux Deluxe  Audities Magazine Album of the Year, 1995. Gordon Townsend on Drums and Rob Miller on bass--perhaps the greatest rhythm section I've ever heard.

Tracks & Treasure Volume 1 is a collection of cool master recordings that never appeared on my albums. I've sequenced them here like an album that was meant to be! WIth musical guests Mik Kaminski, Rusty Anderson, Gina Schock and more.

Mile High Fan  15 tracks recorded in and largely written about Los Angeles with legends Rusty Anderson, Jen Condos and Rob Ladd as well as guest appearances by Jason Falkner and Robin Lane. Great stuff!

The Orchestra No Rewind   Original songs by The Orchestra (principally by Eric Troyer and me) in the grand tradition of orchestral rock. A hugely under-appreciated album IMHO featuring former ELO members Mik Kaminski, Kelly Groucutt and Lou Clark. Produced with Jim Jacobsen (eels).

The Orchestra Live features 15 ELO hits performed live by Mik Kaminski, Kelly Groucutt, Lou Clark, Eric Troyer, myself and Gordon Townsend. Also included is our band's surprising version of "Twist & Shout."  Recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania at the 8,000 seat Phillips Arena.


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