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May 2015
MITEI examines The Future of Solar Energy in a new study released on May 5 in Washington, D.C. 

MITEI Releases Report on The Future of Solar Energy

Comprehensive report highlights enormous potential, technology, and policy challenges for solar.


Solar Power Is Booming. But Is It Booming Fast Enough?

via The Christian Science Monitor

Solar capacity is growing around the world. But new studies, including one from the MIT Energy Initiative, suggest it isn't growing quickly enough to meet the world's expanding energy needs and stall the threat of climate change.


MIT Future of Solar Energy Study on NPR Marketplace

via NPR

MIT's Howard W. Johnson Professor Emeritus of Management and Economics Richard Schmalensee talks to NPR about the current state of solar energy.

Shift in U.S. Federal Solar Funding Needed for Large-Scale Deployment: Report

via Reuters

MIT Energy Initiative report urges U.S. to redirect spending from wasteful solar power tax credits and prepare the electricity grid for large-scale solar energy use.

Why the Best Place for Solar Panels May Not Be on Your Roof

via The Washington Post

MITEI study addresses how best to ensure the spread of solar power so that it proliferates quickly and helps reduce carbon emissions.




Future of Minnesota Solar Energy

via MPR

MITEI's Francis O'Sullivan talks to MPR about how Minnesota can leverage the potential of solar.

A Better Way to Deliver Innovation to the World

"To tackle our biggest societal challenges, we need an innovation pipeline that delivers every drop," Reif writes. 

MISTI Global Seed Funds: 2015-16 Call for Proposals

Funds support MIT's global engagement by promoting collaborations between MIT faculty and their counterparts abroad.

Newly Tenured Engineers

Thirteen tenure appointments are made in seven of eight academic departments in the School of Engineering


     In the News            Energy Innovators       Around Campus  

Free Lunch: The Enormous Cost of Cheap Carbon

via The Financial Times

The IMF points to a treasure trove for finance ministers with courage to act; MITEI's Jessika Trancik weighs in


Queen of Carbon Becomes First Woman to Receive IEEE Medal of Honor

via Scientific American

MIT Professor Mildred Dresselhaus is a pioneer in her field

How the Transportation Sector Is Moving away from Petroleum

via TIME

TIME talks to MIT's Christopher Knittel about how more than 8% of fuel used by the transportation sector came from non-petroleum sources in 2014


Pushing the Limits of Pump Design for Small Farmers in India

Tata Center team invents the first solar-powered water pump tailored to the irrigation needs of millions of small-acreage farmers in the Ganges River basin


MIT and Masdar Institute Work Together to Transform an Oil-Based Economy

Researchers collaborate on innovative water, energy, and next-generation technology projects

Building a Safer, Cleaner Nuclear Reactor

via Popular Science

Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie are reviving the nuclear dream

Inspiring a New Generation of Women in Nuclear Science and Engineering

2015 Rising Stars in Nuclear Science and Engineering Symposium highlights outstanding new work and celebrates women in the field

Coding for Cooling

Nuclear science and engineering graduate student Benjamin Magolan helps model improved coolant flow inside the core of a nuclear reactor

SuperUROP Class of 2015 Graduates with High Accomplishment and Promise

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart thanks SuperUROP students for their research and innovation contributions; praises program's quintessential "MIT-ness"

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