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January 2013
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Changing with the climate

Just days after President Obama called for action on climate change in his second inaugural address, members of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s administration joined energy and environment researchers at MIT to discuss strategies for adapting to climate change.

Capturing energy from the sun

Inspired by a deep-sea bacterium that is able to harvest tiny amounts of incoming solar energy with exquisite efficiency, MIT investigators have been using a less complex model system: an artificial light-harvesting nanotube to elucidate the fundamental processes within nature's photosynthetic masterpiece.


February 11, 2013
The Future of the Global Gas Market
Paolo Scaroni
CEO, eni
4:15 PM
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)

February 12, 2013
The Future of Nuclear Power
Richard Meserve
President, Carnegie Institution for Science
4:15 PM
Room 66-110

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Rare earth oxides make water-repellent surfaces that last

Water-shedding surfaces that are robust in harsh environments could have broad applications in many industries including energy, water, transportation, construction and medicine. But historically these materials have one major problem: Most employ thin polymer coatings that degrade when heated, and can easily be destroyed by wear.

Discovering solutions: Undergrads take the lead in 10.27

Two years since it joined the curriculum, student demand for 10.27, the Energy Engineering Projects Laboratory, runs greater than available slots for the subject. Assigned real problems suggested by industry partners and by MIT’s own research faculty, students learn to discover solutions, work in teams, and write reports.

MIT researchers win Pyke Johnson Award

Valerie Karplus PhD ’11 and Sergey Paltsev, both of MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, were recognized for their study on vehicle efficiency standards. The honor, presented at the national Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting, is awarded to the best paper in the area of planning and the environment.
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