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November 2015

Why universities and industry should collaborate on climate change

via Christian Science Monitor

To achieve the kind of environmentally sustainable future we will want our grandchildren to inherit, we need everyone on board, Armstrong writes

MIT delegation engages with global partners ahead of climate talks

via MIT News

Meeting with French leaders and industry representatives at U.S. Embassy in Paris highlights value of interdisciplinary partnerships to advance low-carbon technologies

Climate negotiations in Paris could increase use of low-carbon energy technologies

New report from Trancik Lab at MIT explores potential impact of anticipated voluntary commitments to greenhouse gas reductions during the 2015 Paris climate negotiations

Transformation through leadership: Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Symposium

via Scientific American

C3E Ambassador Katherine Hamilton shares perspectives on women's leadership on energy and climate solutions from the recent C3E Symposium

MIT Energy Initiative issues call for energy research Seed Fund grant proposals

via MIT News

Open through Dec. 9, the Seed Fund supports innovative research at MIT across the energy spectrum

Video: What's Exciting about Working in Clean Energy? A Conversation with C3E Ambassadors

In this short video, C3E Ambassadors from industry, government, and academia discuss a few of the things they find most interesting about working in clean energy


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A debate over how to brighten solar power's future in Florida

via Miami Herald

Lower-cost panels and more accessible financing make solar more viable

Sunshine revolution: the age of solar power

via Financial Times

MITEI Director of Research and Analysis Francis O'Sullivan on how solar power is poised to tackle climate change and shake up the electricity industry

MIT Finds A Way To Desalinate Water By Shocking The Salt Right Out Of It

via FastCoExist

MIT Professor Martin Bazant and his team have come up with a new way to remove salt from water, using a shockwave to slam the salt out of the water as it flows past

Solar thermal power heats up outside the U.S.

via MIT Technology Review

A new plant opening in Morocco signals the technology's international growth. According to the MIT Energy Initiative-led Future of Solar Energy study, U.S. solar thermal could become more competitive when coupled with energy storage

Three Alternative Fusion Projects That Are Making Progress

via IEEE Spectrum

Physicists pin their hopes on new magnets and fast lasers


MIT spinoff offers businesses a new way to reuse, and monetize, water

via Boston Business Journal

Boston-based Cambrian Innovation is offering a new program that lets businesses in the food and beverage industry--like breweries--reuse and monetize their wastewater

3 Questions: Maria Zuber on MIT's climate action plan

via MIT News

MIT's vice president for research looks ahead to implementation


Will the Paris climate summit lead to a cooler planet?

via MIT News

Leading climate economists discuss prospects for a global agreement


Energy UROP: the intersection of research experience and real-world solutions

via MIT News

Students gain hands-on experience over the summer with MITEI's Energy Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

CEE Rising Stars Workshop offers insights to aspiring early-career women

via MIT News

The inaugural workshop featured MIT faculty talks, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking


DOE's Kenderdine outlines nation's energy priorities

via MIT News

Former executive director of MIT Energy Initiative describes roadmap for averting devastating climate change

At the nanoscale, concrete proves effective for nuclear containment

via MIT News

New research shows concrete is a strong choice for the long-term confinement of nuclear waste


Shocking new way to get the salt out

via MIT News

MIT team invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water


Scaling commercial energy efficiency

via MIT News

Automated energy analytics platform collects data on commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency


Sleeping under the stars in Australia

via MIT News

Solar Electric Vehicle Team completes the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


MIT faculty and students to lead technology evaluations in developing countries

via MIT News

The Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) at MIT has announced its evaluations of products being used in developing countries for 2016, including solar water pumps, mobility tech, and food aid

Alex Tinguely: working toward a fusion future

via MIT News

After starting his physics education with online courses, an MIT graduate student is now practicing cutting-edge research in nuclear fusion at MIT
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