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A Letter from the Director

Bob Armstrong takes a look at what we've been up to at MITEI in the past few months... and what's upcoming!


Grid-Scale Storage: Smooth Operators

Matching output to demand is hard with wind and solar power. MIT's Don Sadoway is working on how to store surplus juice until it is needed.  


MIT Launches "Solve" to Galvanize Action on Solving the World's Great Challenges

Leaders to gather for keystone event at MIT next October.


Is the US-China Climate Change Deal a Game-Changer? 

An interview with MIT's Valerie Karplus  



Recovering Natural Gas at Oil Wells

Small-scale system converts it into liquids.

Energy Curriculum Call

$2 Million Available for New Undergrad Energy Curriculum. Full proposals due Feb.13th, 2015.

MITEI-Sponsored IAP Listings

IAP 2015 runs January 5-January 30, 2015. Subject and activity listings for energy-related IAP listings can be found here.


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From energy sink to energy efficient: a walk through window technologies

via Architect Magazine

In the last century, windows have evolved from drafty single-panes to energy-efficient triple-glazed and coated glass units.

George Shultz gone solar.

via Bloomberg

Now that's a sign of thawing in the U.S. climate debate.


MIT's 'Local Warming' exhibit previews the energy-saving future of personalized climate control

via BetaBoston

Carlo Ratti, director of MIT's SENSEable City Lab, focuses on saving energy through the use of dynamically controlled highly localized heating. 

Boston institutions to host "Hub Week" in Fall 2015

via The Boston Herald

Energy and biological engineering professor Angela Belcher to focus her "challenge" around environmental sustainability, food and water security, and renewable energy. 

Real-time monitoring of building systems saves energy on campus

KGS Buildings' Clockworks system has helped MIT save $286,000 in annual energy savings so far.


MIT students imagine MIT reaching "Net Zero" emissions

What would it take for MIT to stabilize its overall carbon emissions? 

Undergraduate energy education at five years

MIT undergraduates are "converting" to energy.


D-Lab offers hands-On lessons in meeting energy needs

MIT students work in developing nations to build and deploy location-specific energy solutions. 


Catalyzing greener products

Yuriy Román knew that to change the future of catalysis he'd have to cross the boundary between chemical engineering and materials science. 


No quit for the "Queen of Carbon"

via CBS News

Mildred Dresselhaus and her work continue to inspire women in the sciences. 

New faculty strengthen, broaden MIT's energy expertise

MITEI sat down with new energy faculty Rania Ghosn, Valerie Karplus, A. John Hart, and Elsa Olivetti (above) to discuss their plans for the future.


What will it take to get skeptics to warm up to climate change?

MIT's Christopher Warshaw on how politics shape public perceptions on timing and seriousness of climate change


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