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February 2014

How to create selective holes in graphene

New technique developed at MIT produces highly selective filter materials, could lead to more efficient desalination.

Read Also: A Brighter Future for Filtered Seawater.

Theorists predict new forms of exotic insulating materials

Topological insulators could exist in six new types not seen before.

MIT Researchers to Lead "Energy Game Changers" panel

Get the full MIT lineup for the week here. 

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10 Big Changes In Energy Since The 2013 MIT Energy Conference

Via Energy Collective

MITEI Director Bob Armstrong writes on energy highlights.

More on the conference. 

California's Auto-Emissions Policy Hits a Tesla Pothole

Via Wall Street Journal

Energy economist Christopher Knittel gives his take. 

Helping cities plan for climate change

MIT Urban Studies Professor JoAnn Carmin shares her research.

China's Electricity Sector at a Glance: 2013

Via Energy Collective

Michael Davidson, 2012-2014 ICF-MIT Energy Fellow and a researcher at the Tsinghua-MIT China Energy and Climate Project (CECP).

A Battery with Liquid Electrodes Can Be Recharged or Refilled

Via Technology Review

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