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June 2014

DOE Renews Two Energy Frontier Research Centers at MIT

Centers selected from more than 200 proposals from across the country.


Achieving Energy Efficiency with “Local Warming”

MIT researchers develop a system that creates personalized climates around individuals —  an alternative to heating entire buildings.

Ordinary Materials, Fantastic Opportunities

via MIT Spectrum

Michael Demkowicz says that steel, aluminum, and concrete are among materials we understand least, but all have big possibilities for engineers.

Game Changers Explores A Cheaper, Cleaner, and More Secure National Energy System

New Stanford-MIT book puts focus on the need for energy innovation R&D.

Seeing how a lithium-ion battery works

An exotic state of matter — a “random solid solution” — affects how ions move through battery material.


Study finds the hidden — and uneven — price of piecemeal energy policies

MIT researchers assess the national and regional impacts of U.S. regulatory policies for mitigating climate change.

Energy Futures: Spring 2014

The new issue is out! Read about energy-related research, education, campus activities, and outreach programs across the Institute.

The Future of Energy Supply and Security in Switzerland

Join us on July 10 for an Energy Colloquium with Swiss Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard - additional details here!

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Surprising Reactions

via MIT Spectrum

Yogesh Surendranath says there are big questions to answer on the way to a renewable energy economy.

Future of Energy Storage

via MIT Spectrum

Fikile Brushett is applying fundamental electrochemistry to boost the performance and durability of future energy storage systems.

Microbes chow down on latest fuel-cell tech

Cullen Buie manipulates micro-scale phenomena to optimize energy conversion devices.

BP awards MIT undergrads for academic excellence

Ten women recognized for their accomplishments in the field of energy.


NSE’s Josey and Magolan awarded DOE fellowships

Fellowships will support their MIT graduate education and provide internships in national labs.


Graduate student Sami Khan receives research award

Hydro Research Foundation award recognizes Khan's work on novel rare earth coatings that aim to enhance the longevity of hydropower water conveyance structures.

Solving the world’s plastic problem

Alumna invents continuous, zero-toxic-emission system that converts nonrecycled plastics into crude oil.


Eco-Friendly Trucks, Thanks to MIT Innovation

via MIT Spectrum

MIT startup develops sensors to help trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles run more efficiently while cutting tailpipe emissions.

Boston trying out solar-powered ‘smart benches’ in parks

via The Boston Globe

MIT Media Lab spinoff Changing Environments invents high-tech "Soofa" benches.

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