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October 2014

George Shultz: "Climate is changing," and we need more action

Former secretary of state - and former MIT professor - urges progress on multiple fronts.  

Unconventional photoconduction in an atomically thin semiconductor

New mechanism of photoconduction could lead to next-generation excitonic devices.


New approach to boosting biofuel production

Different environment helps yeast tolerate high levels of ethanol, making them more productive.


Getting the salt out

Study shows electrodialysis can provide cost-effective treatment of salty water from fracked wells. 

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Oceanside energy frontiers

Via The BBC

The BBC explores new horizons in wind power at sea with MIT's Alex Slocum. 


In a first, commercial coal plant buries its CO2

Via MIT Technology Review

MIT's Howard Herzog speaks with Tech Review about a coal plant in Saskatchewan that will capture most of its carbon pollution - and use it to extract oil from the ground.


Can business take sustainability cues from the emerging markets? 

Via The Guardian

Businesses from the emerging economies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are bringing new ways of working that could make current growth patterns more sustainable. 

Shape-shifting carbon composites could save fuel

Via MIT Technology Review

Airbus is developing carbon materials that change in response to heat and air pressure, possibly making aircraft simpler and lighter. 


A surprising contributor to climate change: concrete


MIT scientists discover a way to reduce the CO2 emissions from cement production by more than half. 

LiquiGlide sliding fast out of MIT into success

Via The Boston Globe

New MIT spin-off solves liquid-flow problems related to everything from condiments to steam turbines.

Venture capitalists return to backing science start-ups

Via The New York Times

Investors are taking a growing interest in clean-tech and engineering start-ups, including MIT spin-off Transatomic Power.


Why it requires rocket engineers to make your house comfortable 

Via Xconomy

MIT-hatched company Ecovent makes "smart" heating and cooling sensors to make your home more efficient (and comfortable).


MIT-developed bracelet Wristify wants to be your personal heating and cooling system 

Via Boston Business Journal

An award-winning team of MIT graduates at Cambridge-based Embr Labs is creating wearable technology to regulate personal temperature.

3 Questions: The launch of the MIT Climate Change Conversation

New committee aims to catalyze community discussion on how MIT can help address climate change. 


Surface properties command attention

MIT Professor Bilge Yildiz analyzes surfaces of materials to tackle problems as diverse as enabling fuel cells and preventing pipe corrosion.


Bilge Yildiz digs deep into surfaces of matter

Research on how surfaces respond under extreme conditions leads to energy advances.


Nanoscale work yields big results

Via MIT Spectrum

Silvija Gradečak's nanoscale work creates big-scale results that could transform energy production, storage, and lighting.


Charles Forsberg awarded Seaborg Medal by American Nuclear Society

Forsberg honored for work advancing innovative nuclear fuel cycle concepts, high-temperature reactors, and applications for sustainable hybrid-energy systems. 
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