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January 2015

Where does bioenergy fit into a low-carbon future?

Study evaluates the impacts of a large-scale bioenergy ramp-up.


Changes needed to avert climate "catastrophe"

Alumnus and prominent conservationist Larry Linden calls for carbon tax to combat global warming. 


Sequestration on shaky ground

Study finds a natural impediment to the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide.  


Tata Center student wins Dubai International Award 

Ana Cristina Vargas (S.M. '14) honored for her work in public spaces.



Energy Curriculum Call

$2 Million Available for New Undergrad Energy Curriculum. Full proposals due Feb.13th, 2015.

MIT Energy Conference

9am-5pm, Friday, February 27th. The topic of this year's conference is Global Energy Shifts: Disruption and Convergence. For more information, click here.

Drive-by heat mapping

Startup's thermal-imaging cars can quickly track energy leaks in thousands of homes and buildings.


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Why gas feels cheap - and why it's not, historically speaking

via The Wall Street Journal

Recent price plunge looks good after years of high costs, but fill-ups were less expensive from 1986-2003.


Cities dream of a 'smart' sci-fi future

via Fortune

MIT urban planning professor Amy Glasmeier talks to Fortune about the plausibility of 'smart' city initiatives like the one underway in Kansas City.

Underground carbon dioxide storage process faces clogs, MIT says

via Bloomberg

MIT study focuses in on the effectiveness of storing greenhouse gases underground.

EPA unveils first methane regulations

via The Hill

MIT professor Jessika Trancik weighs in on the pending proposal.

Chiao-Ting Li: from electric cars to the electric grid

via MIT Joint Program

The 2014-2015 Shell-MIT Energy Fellow reflects on mechanical engineering, the China Energy and Climate Project, and adventures in the Australian Outback. 

The Forbes 2015 "30 under 30" in energy

via Forbes

MIT alumni honored in prestigious list. 


Clocking energy-transfer rates in quantum dots 

MIT chemistry graduate student Jolene Mork examines rates of excitonic-energy transfer.


Impacting the future of energy from every angle

MITEI students discuss their experience with the minor and their goals for the future.


Tonio Buonassisi seeks to make solar cells competitive

Mechanical engineering professor pursues a vision of a cleaner, more energy-efficient world.


The next tech frontier to conquer: better batteries

via CBS News

MIT researchers Joel Schindall and John Kassakian are working to replace traditional battery chemistry with ultracapacitors.

Smaller, faster experimentation seen at PSFC under Whyte

Dennis Whyte, director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, pushes the boundaries of nuclear fusion.


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