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MIT Energy Initiative awards nine Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research

via MITEI Office of Communications

Winning MIT teams will use grants, totaling $1.3 million, to advance research in areas including fuel cells, solar-powered water desalination, and impacts of electric vehicle charging on the power grid.

Balancing realism and hope for the future

via MIT News

Environmental Defense Fund president Fred Krupp spoke about next steps for the Paris Climate Agreement.


U.S. Department of Energy leaders highlight clean energy research, career opportunities

via MIT News

Sustainable transportation, grid modernization, building efficiency among topics at MITEI event with Department of Energy's David Danielson and other DOE leaders.

MITEI energizes visitors at the MIT Open House

via MITEI Office of Communications

Community members welcomed on campus at celebratory event.

More MIT Energy News

Making electronics out of coal

via MIT News

Instead of burning up this complex hydrocarbon, let’s make devices from it, says Jeffrey Grossman.

MIT researchers look to the future

via MIT News

Symposium explores rich variety of MIT endeavors, from X-ray vision to urban development.

How to make cities more energy efficient

via MIT News

Retrofitting a small portion of buildings would have big impact on cities’ carbon emissions.

Faculty highlight: Alexie Kolpak

via MIT News

Assistant professor studies how small differences in molecular structure alter behavior in unexpected ways for energy-related applications.

Rock, drill bit, microwave: Paul Woskov explores a new path through the Earth’s crust

via MIT News

MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center proposes fusion technology to tap geothermal energy.

Tata Center announces new projects for 2016-2017

via MIT News

This year’s portfolio includes innovations to make health services more accessible; tools facilitating disaster preparedness, water management, and a low-carbon future; recycling and reusing technologies, and more.

In the Media

The political hurdles facing a carbon tax — and how to overcome them

via Vox

MIT's Jesse Jenkins and Valerie Karplus offer perspectives.

Has China’s coal use peaked? Here’s how to read the tea leaves

via The Conversation

China’s coal use has gone down two years in a row – or has it?

New technologies challenge old assumptions about the electric grid

via WNPR

WNPR’s Harriet Jones speaks with MITEI’s Utility of the Future study about the future of electricity provision and generation.

Upcoming Events

MIT Clean Energy Prize Grand Final Showcase and Awards Ceremony

April 30: The MIT and Harvard student leaders of the 9th annual MIT Clean Energy Prize (CEP) cordially invite you to attend the Grand Finals Showcase on April 30th.  At this year's Grand Finals Showcase, $225,000 will be awarded in Cambridge, MA to the most promising student-launched ventures across the nation. Learn more and RSVP.


An Economist’s Take on Climate Change: The Paris Agreement and the Post-2020 World

May 5: Professor Robert Stavins of Harvard assesses the Paris Agreement and the ties between the economy and the environment. Learn more and RSVP.


Intelligent Mobility: driverless cars, ambient intelligence, transportation networks

May 9: With the vision of intelligent mobility, in systems large and small, as a backdrop, MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) is convening a workshop at One Main Street, Cambridge, MA, to discuss the latest advances in intelligent mobility and associated innovations from the perspective of the corporates, academics, VCs, and startups in the MIT ecosystem redefining the field today. Learn more and RSVP.


Design of Motors, Generators, and Drive Systems Course

June 6-10: MITEI Professional Education: This course for industry professionals and post-grads focuses on the analysis and design of electric motors, generators, and drive systems, with special emphasis placed on the design of machines for electric drives. The course will focus on fundamentals by using commercially available software for mathematical analysis (MATLAB) in the context of design. Extensive hands-on exposure will be provided through computer-based laboratory exercises and through the opportunity to construct and test a power electronic drive for a motor in our laboratory. Register here.

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