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May 2014

MIT announces new initiative on environment

Multidisciplinary program, to be led by Susan Solomon, will encourage collaborations among researchers in different fields.

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Improving a new breed of solar cells

Quantum-dot photovoltaics set new record for efficiency in such devices, could unlock new uses.

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Solving a mystery of thermoelectrics

New analysis explains why some materials are good thermal insulators while similar ones are not.

A new way to make sheets of graphene

Technique might enable advances in display screens, solar cells, or other devices.

Grid reliability and the role of natural gas

MIT Energy Initiative analysis suggests approaches to make the electricity system more resilient by improving its interdependency with natural gas.

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A new way to harness waste heat

Electrochemical approach has potential to efficiently turn low-grade heat to electricity.


New material for flat semiconductors

Researchers find a two-dimensional, self-assembling material that might produce solar cells or transistors.

Engineering earth-abundant catalysts in renewable technologies

MIT team develops a process to create inexpensive catalysts that can replace platinum catalysts in renewable energy technologies.

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Opportunities, challenges for energy efficiency

Event tackles needed actions to move energy efficiency forward in commercial buildings.



Time is running out! Are you a female graduate student researching clean energy policies, tools, or technologies that cities are - or could be - employing? Then apply to enter the C3E poster competition by June 1st!

elated - Read about what one winner did with her prize money.


MIT researchers have designed an offshore floating nuclear power plant. They're looking for new and creative ideas to make the concept safer, more economical, and more efficient.
Submit your ideas.

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Beyond low-hanging fruit

Alexander Slocum tackles “impossible” engineering problems to help meet growing world energy demand.

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Mastering chemical recipes to make new materials

Mircea Dinc─â creates next-generation synthetic materials for next-generation energy technologies, electronics, and chemical products.

Altering the energy landscape

Yan Chen’s work on fuel cell catalysts could help integrate new power solutions.

Inside the Energy Minor, Class of '14

The Energy Minor is graduating its largest class! Read about our graduates as part of this special commencement series.
- Jenny Hu
- Zainab Lasisi
- Sam Shames
- Jackie Han


Collaborating for change

via IFC's Handshake Quarterly Journal

MIT's interdisciplinary approach to studying energy for the developing world.


MIT team wins Clean Energy Prize for solving solar’s shade problem

Unified Solar takes home $225,000. Tata fellows at uLink also awarded.

Ambri funding influx suggests a new day for grid batteries

via MIT Tech Review

MIT spinout to build commercial-scale factory for low-cost, multi-hour batteries for grid storage.

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Nuclear startups reimagine atomic energy

via Boston Globe

Two MIT spin-outs hope to revive an industry that has long struggled to make a comeback.

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