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July 2015

The challenges of meeting energy demands in environmentally responsible ways

via The National Academy of Engineering

MITEI Director Robert Armstrong writes for the Bridge about how to both grow energy supply and reduce carbon emissions

Tiny wires could provide a big energy boost

Yarns of niobium nanowire can make supercapacitors to provide a surge of energy when it's needed

MIT study finds unprecedented growth in metals requirements for some photovoltaics technologies

How the availability of rare elements is affecting the future of solar photovoltaics


Cutting cost and power consumption for big data

New network design exploits cheap, power-efficient flash memory without sacrificing speed

Energy Synergy: MIT ignites CERAWeek

The MIT Energy Initiative plays an integral role in IHS CERA's annual energy gathering

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: A Cabinet star is born

via The Boston Globe

How an MIT professor from Fall River got to the center of everything from climate change to nuclear Iran


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Why automated taxis could mean far lower emissions

via MIT Technology Review 

Besides upending an entire sector of employment, self-driving taxis could have significant environmental benefits


MIT alum Andre Borschberg becomes aviation legend with record-breaking solo flight

Borschberg's Pacific flight from Japan totalled 118 hours - almost five full days


Where is solar power headed?


A look at the future of solar, with input from MITEI's latest study


Innovation sputters in battle against climate change

via The New York Times

Reporter Eduardo Porter cites the MIT Future of Solar Energy study in his call for fresh ideas

Siting wind farms more quickly, cheaply

New model predicts wind speeds more accurately with three months of data than others do with twelve


Toward cheaper water treatment

MIT spinout makes treating, recycling highly contaminated oifield water more economical


MIT stealth spinout Pi charges up wireless power competition

via Xconomy

Researchers at MIT are working towards the future of wireless power through a variety of startups

How startups can save nuclear tech

via Fortune

A growing number of nuclear startups are trying to solve the world's most pressing problem

This cleantech expert lays down the facts on solar and natural gas

via Grist

MITEI researcher Jessika Trancik is helping humanity beat the clock when it comes to climate change


Paula Hammond named head of Department of Chemical Engineering

An MIT faculty member since 1995, Hammond succeeds Klavs Jensen as ChemE department head

Faculty highlight: Elsa Olivetti

Assistant Professor Elsa Olivetti combines cost and environmental data to identify high-impact areas for reducing pollution and greenhouse gases


Designing for flexibility

Richard de Neufville teaches and practices flexible engineering design for infrastructure projects that meet the challenges of the future
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