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October 2015

Fueling solutions

via MIT News

At the inaugural Solve MIT conference, "Fuel" pillar underscores energy's crucial role in solving humanity's biggest challenges

Bringing MIT and India closer together

via MIT News

Tata Center Annual Symposium explores many pathways for MIT research to have an impact in India and the developing world

MIT announces five-year plan for action on climate change

via MIT News

MIT launches multifaceted plan to accelerate the transition toward a lower-carbon energy future

Using microbes to clean up oil spills

via MIT News

Professor Catherine Drennan and graduate student Michael Funk want energy production and environmental protection to go hand in hand

C3E 2015

On Nov. 4-5, leaders in industry, government, and academia convene to discuss pathways towards a lower-carbon energy future. The Clean Energy Education and Empowerment awards, presented at the Symposium, honor mid-career women for outstanding achievements. This event is hosted by MITEI in partnership with the US Department of Energy. Watch the live webcast.


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India's energy crisis

via MIT Technology Review

Can India modernize its manufacturing economy and supply electricity to its growing population without relying heavily on coal — and quite possibly destroying the global climate?

Deadly heat is forecast in Persian Gulf by 2100

via The New York Times

A new study co-authored by MIT Professor Elfatih Eltahir has found that extreme heat events will be far more common in the Persian Gulf by the end of the century due to climate change

Report: Expected Paris commitments insufficient to stabilize climate by century's end

via MIT News

"2015 Energy and Climate Outlook" projects likely impacts of current policies and pledges on global climate, emissions, and energy mix

Charting a new course in Africa

via MIT News

John Fernandez and his colleague explore urban resource consumption to help guide the development of rapidly growing African cities

Here comes the sun

via MIT Spectrum

As discussed in MIT's Future of Solar Energy study, solar energy will play a significant role as the world looks to address climate change over the coming decades

Tata Center searches for solutions for India's energy dilemma

via MIT Technology Review

Three year-old MIT institute focuses on innovation for the developing world


Cory Booker and Ken Kimmel visit MIT Alcator C-Mod fusion device

via MIT News

U.S. Senator and Union of Concerned Scientists president explore new superconducting technology at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Aditi Verma: A multidisciplinary take on nuclear policy

via MIT News

PhD student is acquiring the science, engineering, and social sciences expertise needed to make sense of complex policy questions surrounding nuclear energy

Climate change contest selects grand prize winner

via MIT News

Solar panel system wins $10,000 prize for technology that makes energy and water more accessible in the developing world

The second semiconductor revolution

via MIT News

Materials Day, Oct. 14, presents insights into the generation of extremely thin, tough quantum materials for sensing, energy, and computing devices

Compound potential

via MIT News

Kristala Jones Prather engineers microbes to produce compounds that can be used in industrial processes efficiently and economically

How wireless "X-ray vision" could power virtual reality, smart homes, and Hollywood

via MIT News

By seeing silhouettes through a wall, CSAIL device could help with motion capture, fall prevention, and even your heating bill

The nuclear waste startup aiming to rebrand atomic energy

via Wired

Two MIT nuclear science graduates have sweeping ambitions to change the landscape of clean energy in the 21st century

Solar excitement

via MIT News

Modeling electron excitation in organic photovoltaic material could change the future of solar energy


Quantum physics meets genetic engineering

via MIT News

Researchers use engineered viruses to provide quantum-based enhancement of energy transport
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