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February 2015

Will India's Growing Economy Benefit Everyone? 

via The Tata Center

India has become a business giant, and the upper echelons of its economic pyramid are among the most successful in the world. But how can we ensure that this prosperity also reaches other strata of society?

Bridging the Fuel Gap to the Future

MIT energy economist Christopher Knittel explores the future of shale gas with fellow experts in the field.


BOOK REVIEW: Game Changers: Energy on the Move

via Foreign Affairs 

Foreign Affairs reviews former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and MITEI Director Robert C. Armstrong's book on the future of energy innovation.


New Titanium-Making Process Could Result in Lighter Aircraft

via MIT Technology Review

A new process could extend the use of titanium for lightweight, more fuel-efficient airplanes.



Ernest Moniz and Ratan Tata Talk Energy Innovation at ARPA-E Summit

via The Tata Center

"The time is now for countries to use new technologies to solve old problems."

Lulu Li: Modeling the Maelstrom inside a Reactor

Reactor physicist Lulu Li wants to make reactors safer by studying the "kinetic choreography" of the rapidly moving neutrons inside of them. 

Campus Preview Weekend Energy Open House

Come learn about the many ways to be involved with energy at MIT! April 17, 12-1pm, E19-319.


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We Did the Math on Clean Coal, and It Doesn't Add Up

via Grist

Grist talks to MITEI expert Howard Herzog about the future of carbon capture and sequestration technologies.


MIT Smokestack Scrubber Promises Lower Costs

via The Boston Globe

Researchers, led by MITEI's T. Alan Hatton, say they can help power plants do more to cut carbon emissions. 


Global Warming Won't Prevent Massive Snowstorms

via The Boston Globe

MIT study projects climate change will make extreme snow events more likely.

Ben Glass '08,
 SM '10

via MIT Technology Review

MIT Energy Club alum Ben Glass is building a wind-power startup with his aero-astro knowledge.


Changing How India Builds, One Brick at a Time

via The Tata Center

Tata Center Fellow Michael Laracy is reimagining India's most basic building material and helping factories reduce their waste footprint in the process.

Getting to Know Sam Shames

via embr labs

MIT alum and embr labs co-founder Sam Shames discusses his recent Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy selection.


Japan's Adherence to Nuclear Power Critical at Home and Overseas: MIT Luminary

via Japan Times 

Professor Richard Lester, head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, spoke to reporters recently in Tokyo.

Oil Will Flow Like Milk and Honey - Here's Why.

via USA Today

Worldwide, people are learning to live with less gas, but that's a hard habit to keep, according to MIT Joint Program co-director John Reilly.

Sylvia Ceyer Elected to NAS Governing Council

Professor and head of the MIT Department of Chemistry will serve on the governing council of the National Academy of Sciences for a three year term. 

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