Virtual Dancing ... Exercise for the mind & body

I have attached the flyer for our Intro to 2 Couple Virtual dancing.

We have had several responses but I feel that not enough folks know about it or if they do, they are intimidated by it or feel they would be betraying their own club & caller if they join.

Here is Part of the text I have put in the mail that went out today to all those who have signed up.

"These sessions are designed to introduce you to 2 couple dancing with any number of people from 1 to 4. If you are a single or just one couple, we will describe how to deal with phantoms (imaginary people).

We will be using calls from the BASIC square dance program and in the third session we will introduce 2 or 3 calls from the Mainstream program. I will be teaching/reviewing all these calls and their definitions to ensure we all have the opportunity to refresh what we may have forgotten over the last 10 months.

On January 27th we will start a weekly dance event using only the calls used in the first three sessions. The hope is that you will all be able to attend regularly and once again make your weekly commitment to square dancing so, when the dance floors open again, we will all still be in the habit of being involved in square dancing."


As stated, the intention is to have folks keep the activity on their
calendar so we don't lose them to another activity.

If you feel that you can support these classes as presented, please pass this on to ALL your dancers. 

We NEED to get as many folks back dancing as possible. 

If any of you wish to attend to get some ideas about starting your own Virtual Dance Group, I would be very happy to work with you to achieve that.

Folks are welcome to join in next week if they wish. They MUST sign up on our website.

Thank you for your support.


Jeff & Andrea Priest
ShadowLight Enterprises
Virtual Dancing ... Exercise for the mind & body
Plus ... Advanced ... Rounds

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