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2018/2019 EOSARDA Programme

Last April, out of concern for the Board’s limited human resources, the Council of Dancers directed the Board of Directors to focus its attention on 5 priority items in 2018/19, these being:

  • The Fall Registration process
  • Publishing Square Time
  • Maintaining the eoDance web site
  • Issuing EOSARDA Bulletins and
  • Ensuring that the Association continues to be represented on the Federation’s Board

At the same time, Council approved a budget for Dance Year 2018/19 that provides for spending above that required to accomplish the five priority items, thereby providing the Board with the authority to undertake additional tasks as time and resources permit.
I am pleased to advise that, subsequent to the Council meeting, the number of Voting Directors has increased to 10.  In light of this increase in personnel, in addition to the five priorities established by Council, the Board has decided that it will be able to continue the following programs in 2018/19:

  • The Dance Leader Training Subsidy Program
  • The New Dancer Recruitment Subsidy Program
  • Association participation in New Dancer Celebrations
  • EOSARDA’s Dance Dangle Program
  • Processing of Trillium Award nominations
  • The Publicity Network discussion group
  • Association recognition of major anniversaries and accomplishments
  • Co-sponsorship of Swing into Spring
  • Regional publicity initiatives
  • Review of the number and nature of Association sponsored dances.

            Dave Western

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