Stay Connected #8
After the Lock-down, Look Up!

The time will come again when we can venture out once again, complete with our hand washing, social distancing and a mask. We will be able to line up to receive our vaccination for COVID, as we have done in the past for influenza. 

 If you have seen recent EOSARDA Bulletins, you’ll know that the Publicity Committee is offering for sale some special, Canadian-made masks, complete with the ‘live lively’ logo and either ‘Modern Square Dancing’ or ‘Round Dancing’ printed on the side of the masks; you may even have filled out the form and sent an e-Transfer payment!
What a great method of ‘staying connected'!  You will easily recognize dancers wherever you wander, as long as they are wearing the special mask, and masks will probably be a requirement for the foreseeable future. Just one more reason to be sure to order yours through  The website has all the ordering information and the form, but order by the end of January!
As well as wearing a ‘dance’ mask to stay connected, you can participate in the virtual dancing that occurs quite frequently.  A recent EOSARDA Bulletin indicated that the next virtual dance with Wendy V will be on January 31…helps exercise both mind and body.
Keep in touch; call a friend … we really are a social bunch and need each other!
Gloria, Lamar & Carole
Square Dancing - Eastern Ontario
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