More About the Special Masks

As mentioned in our recent EOSARDA Bulletin, we (Lamar, Carole & Gloria) are almost always thinking ‘publicity’, but we are unable to plan recruitment strategies at the moment, because of that nasty thing called COVID!  We think we’ve come up with a plan to help keep our dancers safe and at the same time publicize our great activity!!  
After some research we found a Canadian face mask manufacturer, Canadian Toggle (Barrie, ON), who will add our ‘live lively’ logo (shown here) and “Modern Square Dancing” or “Round Dancing” to the left side of the mask.  There are two styles being made available to our dancers.  Download our Order Form for ordering, payment and delivery details.
Please note that this is not a fundraiser for EOSARDA or the Publicity Committee.  As with all our activities, we just want to get people involved in dancing!  
This information is from the Canadian Toggle website.  You can click here to see the masks and more information.
By wearing the Square Dancing or Round Dancing mask, we can all help raise awareness, interest and, hopefully, participation in our modern square and round dancing and stay safe at the same time! 

If you have questions about ordering the special dance masks email us at .  Thanks again for your support!

Gloria, Lamar & Carole
Square Dancing - Eastern Ontario
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