2021 Trillium Award Nominations

EOSARDA is seeking nominations for this year’s Trillium Merit and Long Service Awards.
This is your opportunity to recognize those who make a difference to you and your club.
Square and Round Dancing thrives on the hard work of an army of volunteers who staff volunteer positions at all levels of the organization; plan and run dances; and generally keep things moving.  All too often their hard work goes unrecognized with hardly a thought to the long hours and unselfish dedication that these people give freely so that we may enjoy ourselves on the dance floor.
The Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation’s Trillium Award Programs give us an unparalleled opportunity to formally recognize the hard work of those who on a regular basis go above and beyond in the service of our movement.
The Trillium Merit Award recognizes the excellence, dedication and outstanding achievement of dancers and dance leaders who have made an outstanding contribution beyond the scope of their normal regular activities.
The Trillium Long Service Award recognizes those whose many years of faithful service (25 years or more) to  our dance community reflect a continuing dedication to the normal activities of their classification (i.e. dancer or dance leader).
For more information about these two awards see:
Nominations for candidates for either award originate with an individual, Member Club, or Association but no nomination can go forward to Federation without the support of EOSARDA’s  Board of Directors.
EOSARDA can only submit two nominations per category per year to Federation.  To allow sufficient time for review by EOSARDA’s Board of Directors, nominations must be submitted to the President of EOSARDA on or before March 1, 2021.
If you have any questions about the Trillium Awards Program or need assistance in completing a nomination please contact Dave Western, President of EOSARDA by e-mail at

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