Staying Safe -- Have We Got a Mask for You!

We (Lamar, Carole & Gloria) are almost always thinking ‘publicity’, but we are unable to plan recruitment strategies at the moment, because of that nasty thing called COVID!

We have come up with a plan to help keep our dancers safe and at the same time publicize our great activity!!  We have researched (well, Carole and Lamar have), and we have found a Canadian face mask manufacturer (Barrie, ON) who will add our ‘live lively’ logo and a couple of words to the left side of the mask.  By wearing this mask, we can all help raise awareness, interest and, hopefully, participation in our modern square and round dancing and stay safe at the same time! 

We have sourced two types of masks: a fitted one and a looser, bandana style (Easy Breathing) for those who may have breathing problems or are claustrophobic. You can pick the one that works best for you.

Both masks:
  • are royal blue with the Live Lively logo and either “Modern Square Dancing” or “Round Dancing” in white lettering on the left-hand side;
  • are three-ply, 100% woven cotton (as recommended by health authorities);
  • have a nose piece for a fog-free fit;
  • have adjustable ear loops and a special “toggle” design so it fastens around the head to save your ears or it can be used to hang the mask around your neck when not in use.

The fitted masks are $14 (tax included), and the bandana style is $20 (tax included). 

Click here for a link to the Canadian Toggle website to see more photos of the masks.  

We are arranging for delivery to a few club representatives (not to your home) and are planning to have one in Kingston, Ottawa, Prescott and the Pembroke area. The idea is that you can arrange for pickup of your new face mask at one of these sites as soon as possible after the order is delivered to the club representatives.

Please see the attached Order Form for instructions on ordering and payment.  If you have questions, contact  We would like to receive your order by January 29.  If you DOWNLOAD the attached order form and then open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and choose the “Fill and sign” option, you can easily return the form to us electronically.

Have we forgotten anything?  Looks great, keeps you safer, order form is attached, cost is $14 or $20 each, depending on the style you order.  Send us your order form and wait for the masks to be delivered to the club representatives so you can arrange pickup.  I think that’s it!

Please, help us spread the word about our out of the ordinaryextraordinary activity!  We want the dance floor full as soon as COVID bites the dust!

Gloria, Lamar & Carole
Square Dancing - Eastern Ontario
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