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Transition Kentish Town Newsletter
January 2021

Visioning Camden 2030


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What if… we found new solutions to the problems that have rocked us in 2020? What if… we were all living in communities that were healthier, quieter, more sustainable, friendlier, safer and welcoming to people of all ages, colours and creeds?

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Photo of the CNJ ECO 2021 pageThis week sees the publication of our special edition of the Camden New Journal with a four-page community-written 'Camden Future Journal' wraparound. It gives a glimpse of a bright tomorrow - but the content is based on things that are happening today. When we launched our competition last autumn, inviting you to visualise what our borough could be like in 2030 once we have addressed the climate and social inequality crisis, we had no idea that we would receive 350 of your entries. We have been amazed by their positivity, poignancy, and hope. While only 40 of these have been published in this week’s edition of the CNJ, the remainder can be viewed in our flipping good flip book:

And there’s more good news! The Camden New Journal were so enthused by your visions, that they have dedicated much of this edition to green issues.

CNJ ECO 2021 columnAs it says in the CNJ: “Our minds may be exhausted by the Covid crisis, which has taken up most aspects of our lives. Some might even say, “Haven’t we got enough to deal with at the moment?" But us campaigners here in Camden and beyond, worry that too much time has already been lost and don’t want the climate crisis to be forgotten.

We hope you will enjoy reading your optimistic visions of Camden 2030 and are inspired to start making them come true. If you are reading this newsletter, it means that you are passionate about bringing our Camden community together. The CNJ wraparound is just the start of our Visioning Camden 2030 campaign. Do join us on Wednesday 13th January, 5:30-6:45pm for a Zoom meeting to plan what comes next! Email: for details. Pop-ups, a touring exhibition, a book…what other ideas do you have ? Tomorrow can start today if we come together to make the change we want to see.

Visioning Camden 2030...

Do you remember a decade ago,
when the world rose up? 
 When we all fought for our rights and justice, 
When we screamed his name, George Floyd, 
When we cried her name, Breonna Taylor, 
When we fought for our Earth,
She was dying 
When our generation stood up
for our environment
because no one else would, Greta Thunberg, 
When we all wore masks for our safety,
When the homeless slept on cold streets,
Risked and in danger, 
When we went online for half a year,
Online School 
Do you remember it all? 
We stand here today in satisfaction
in our own communities,
right here in Camden, 
2030, now we see the reward of our fighting, 
Green leafed trees and children walking, 
Electric cars,
now we breathe without coughing, 
We can talk without masks,
no police fines or stoppings, 
The Homeless walk tall, 
We walk alongside, when one goes down,
ten of us fall,
Because we’re with each other, 
You say ‘Good morning!’
without a single fear
Racism low, now people see and hear,
because we fought,
2030 is our year, our generation,
our lives, our voices, 
You don’t hear of discriminative noises, 
We’re Green, 
 We’re happy but still improving, 
Of course, not everyone agrees, 
Not everyone accepts the peace, 
But we’ve fought together 
Now we stand together 
We don’t give up now, we improve,
It’s now or never, 
We’re a community, We are Camden. 

By Unisa Ali, Parliament Hill School.


Power Up North London Community Fund

While on the subject of getting energised on climate action projects, Power Up North London (PUNL) can help fund your new project!

The PUNL Community Energy Fund uses surplus funds from the business activity of Power Up North London to encourage and support community action in reducing carbon in our atmosphere. If you have an idea for a project which meets any of these criteria, get in touch: before 15 January 2021.

  • Supports youth employment in renewables.
  • Practical energy use assessment and advice service.
  • The installation of energy efficiency measures in a community project or building.
  • Providing energy related information and support to low income or disadvantaged households.
  • Advice to particular groups, e.g. landlords, students, single mothers, people whose first language is not English.
  • Community gardens growing and selling food locally, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.



New Year: New Tree

As part of the Think & Do family, while in lockdown, there are still two activities we would like to invite you to get involved with.

The Camden Forest Project is excited to be giving bare-root trees this January/February, thanks to Would you like us deliver to you a Crab Apple, Rowan, or Bird Cherry tree whip? You could grow it in a pot on a balcony or by your front door, or in a garden.

Photo of Crab Apple blossom
Crab Apple
Photo of Rowan berries
Photo of Cherry blossom
Bird Cherry
Our new group of Recyclists would be happy to cycle one round to you wearing masks and gloves and keeping a good social distance. The Recyclists are residents, like you and me, who are joining together to cycle trees, food, and other items to help develop a sharing and gift economy across the borough. Do you have a bike? Love cycling? Fancy more exercise? Are you based in or around the borough? If so, join The Recyclists! Contact:

The Camden Forest project aims to invite 2,025 'story tree guardians' to plant 2025 trees in Camden by 2025. To find out more check out:
You can also join the fun at our virtual Zoom Camden Forest meeting on Tuesday 12th January, 5:30-6:30pm. For more details, use the contact form.

 Environmental activist Wangari Maathai once said. ‘When you plant a tree you plant a seed of peace and hope.’ Join us in spreading that seed of hope.

Until next month, take care, and join us to keep visioning and planning a wonderful and positive future for our borough. 

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