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Transition Kentish Town Newsletter October 2019

Camden Council to declare a Climate Emergency

When: Monday 7th October, 7pm.
Where: Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt St, London NW1 1BD.

On Monday October 7th, LB Camden will be hosting a two hour debate on the Climate Emergency and passing a formal motion. We urge you all to come and join us in the public galleries, to encourage our councillors to be ambitious and far-reaching in the actions they commit to take in order to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Our new group CEC, Climate Emergency Camden, demands that they not only tell the truth, but fully resource the actions required to make a significant contribution in response to the global crisis that we face. We call on Camden Council to act quickly to embed strategies for mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity into all their operations, and to set up a Climate Commission to monitor the effectiveness of this programme and to continually think about how to develop and improve it.

See below, the report Camden has written to summarise this summer's Citizen’s Assembly consultation exercise. We do not think it is far-reaching or ambitious enough. Do you…?

Climate Emergency Camden have prepared an action plan detailing the actions that Camden Council needs to commit to. Details are available on their website:

Divest Camden are due to send their open letter calling for fossil fuel divestment to Georgia Gould, Leader of the Council. They see divestment as an integral part of Camden taking the lead on the climate crisis and say that the council is losing before it starts if it doesn't divest. Sign their letter here if you want to live in a borough that doesn't make a home for the fossil fuel industry.

Power Up North London

When: Monday 7th October, 7pm - 9pm.
Where: The Grafton Boardroom, 20 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3LG.

Power Up North London has some fantastic renewable energy projects on the go. For more details,see their website:

The next monthly meeting is on the 7th October. If you would like to get involved contact:

Kentish Town Bike Workshop

When: Monday 7th October 6:30pm - 8:30pm.
Where: Kentish Town Health Centre.

A free monthly drop-in bike maintenance workshop run in collaboration between Camden Cyclists and Transition Kentish Town. Our mechanics will support you to fix your bike. Tea and cake while you wait! It's always the first Monday of the month, except when there's a bank holiday, when it's the second Monday instead.

Get involved in Transition KentishTown/Camden  

When: Wednesday 9th October 7pm - 8:30pm.
Where: Contact:

Whilst it is important that we make demands of Camden Council, Transition Kentish Town and neighbouring groups in Transition Towns Camden are cracking on with organising events, projects and actions to bring our community together to create local solutions to address the Climate Emergency here in LB Camden. In these times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, or to fall prey to the thought: ’Nothing I can do can make a difference.’ Well, we are here to convince you otherwise! Transition Towns - that started in the UK and are now all around the world, including here in Kentish Town and Camden - believe that positive local actions can and DO make a big difference. Come along to our next meeting on WEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER 7PM-8:30PM. For more info on the venue contact:

 It’s all about ‘living the change you want to see’ – in our own lives and local community.

Web of Wellbeing

Join us to plant Spring bulbs on a trail of our community gardens.

: Saturday 19th October, 11:30am - 3:30pm.
  • 11:30 - midday Grow Lissenden, Lissenden Gdns  Highgate Rd, NW5.
  • 12:15 - 1pm Platform 1 Cottage Garden, Kentish Town Overground.
  • 1 - 1:30pm Drink at Oxford Arms KT High Road.
  • 1:30pm - 2:30pm Kentish Town High Road.
  • 2:30 - 3pm Raglan Estate, Raglan Rd NW5.

Our web of wellbeing continues to grow around Kentish Town and LB Camden. We have now created a second cottage garden at the Thameslink overground station in West Hampstead.

We have been approached by friends and neighbours to potentially green other sites in Tufnell Park and Kentish Town. There’s even talk of a community garden at the local police station! If you are aware of a green space that you think could be turned into a bucolic wildflower meadow, or community garden, and would like to get involved designing or developing local greening up projects, get in touch.

Come and join us on Sat 19/10 for a fun day out at our annual bulb planting event. Help us plant spring colour around NW5. Feel free to join in the fun at any time during the day.

Rewilding Camden - a pilot project

Growing Raglan: Growing Community

We have been totally inspired this month to see our community coming together to help launch Transition Kentish Town's Growing Raglan campaign.This project will turn spare ground on the Raglan Estate, a council estate in LB Camden, into a series of thriving and productive green spaces. At the time of writing, 40 wonderful local folk have all chipped in to raise £2,300 and the Growing Raglan: Growing Community campaign is 90% funded. For donations, see:

What we will deliver:

  • Plant fruit trees to create a community orchard
  • Plant a boundary hedgerow
  • Plant Wildflower Native Enriched Turf
  • Allow the natural meadow to reestablish
  • Creating community cohesion through events and improve well being
  • Create a socially inclusive space
  • Address the climate and ecological Emergency in Camden
  • Rewild and increase the biodiversity of the estate
  • Turn unused ground into productive social space
  • Extend the season of flowering through bulb plantings
This pilot community project is the first to take place on a council estate in LB Camden. Working closely with tenants residents associations, Rewilding Camden aims to turn unused patches of ground into productive and socially inclusive spaces, whilst practically addressing several of the actions demanded by LB Camden’s recently convened Citizens assembly.

 We plan over the next five years to scale the project to rewild other council estates in LB Camden. We are already developing a rewilding project on a second estate. More news soon… Please note that we are working closely with the maintenance team at LB Camden, and TCV Green gym, who are providing the labour to enable this project to happen.

We recently co-hosted a wonderful community event at Raglan to launch the project. Great fun was had by all as our apple press turned apples from locally unpicked trees, and windfalls, into delicious juice.


NW5 Pickers

NW5 Pickers will be supporting Kentish Town City Farm on their Apple day Sunday October 27th 12-4pm and we will be raising donations from our fresh juice to fund all their marvellous kids programmes! Come on down, stroke a goat, drink some juice and crank it up on the press. Hope to see you there!

NW5 Pickers is a group of local people keen on picking. This can be litter picking, fruit picking or picking anything. Join us!


Au-contraire to saying farewell, say hello to a fantastic new local food delivery business:

As you are out and about on the streets around Tufnell Park and Kentish Town this month, do look out for an amazing electric milk float which has been converted into a zero waste shopping delivery service. The Fair-Well milk float is a mobile shop full of delicious organic and natural products which are being delivered to homes in our area. Fair-Well’s main objective is to reduce plastic usage in our everyday essential products while giving back to the community.

Fair-well’s mission statement: "Together we all need to make a change to help our planet get back to being healthy and sustainable to all species.There are so many aspects of our everyday life that need to change and Fair-Well has chosen to focus on food waste, household waste and the community.”

We hope you will all support Fair-well. Why not knock on your neighbours' doors and arrange a bulk delivery of yummy products.
The Fair-Well milk float was launched at Transition KT’s annual street party at York Rise last month, where we closed off a whole street and filled it with stalls containing ideas for lots of positive climate emergency actions and everything from straw bales, beer brewed in a local church -, and chickens!. Great fun was had by all:

Fair-Well’s Claire and Jerilee seen at York Rise with Cllr Sian Berry.

Photos of the York Rise street party:


The Sustainers is an action group of students from six secondary schools which Transition KT/Camden have launched in partnership with LB Camden. The Sustainers have some fantastic projects on the go. From designing and launching a range of reusable metal water bottles and lobbying the council to ban single use plastic water bottles in LB Camden schools. From demanding that meat be cut out two days a week in school lunches and that the truth about Climate Emergency, alongside positive local solutions, be taught within the school curriculum. Later this month, several of our Sustainer schools will be embarking upon some really inspiring campaigns in the area of resource reduction and the sharing economy. Watch out for news of fashion swops and a Restart Party where teenagers will be taught to fix their own laptops and phones. If you have a teen at a secondary school in LB Camden who would like to launch their own Sustainers project, get in touch.

Do come and listen to the Sustainers make their demands at the Council’s CE debate on Oct 7. You will be amazed at how erudite and passionate our young people are!

We would like to end this month’s newsletter with a very moving poem written by Primavera, a student from Parliament Hill school. Primavera is part of the Parly Hill Climate Action Group and the Sustainers. We hope this poem will prompt you all to get involved in some of our positive actions… and start some of your own.


So, What are you going to do tomorrow?
We always talk about our future,
So tell me about yours.
Will you try something new tomorrow?
Will you meet someone new tomorrow,
Or learn a new language or take up a new hobby,
Or try a new sport – or make a new mistake?
You can regret it tomorrow.
Will you talk to your friends tomorrow?
Talking is for tomorrow.
Is there a fire? We’ll put it out tomorrow.
We’ll tell you about it tomorrow.
Action is for tomorrow.
Tomorrow we’ll be grown up,
We’ll make our world tomorrow.
We are young today, we don’t worry about anything
Today, for tomorrow is our day,
Just wait for tomorrow.
We don’t have answers today,
Just wait for tomorrow.
So, what if there is not tomorrow?
What if your future doesn’t come?
What if “tomorrow” means nothing?
What if your youth is all the time you have
To make your world?
To put out the fire?
Talking is your yesterday.
Action is for today.
Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at Camden Council's Climate Emergency debate on  Oct 7. Meet outside the Crowndale Centre at 6:30. Do contact your local councillor upfront of this meeting and demand they read our Climate Emergency manifesto:

Coming next month: the launch of our Transition Tipple - Climate Emergency brew, and the Library of Stuff. Until then, demand and create that change.

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