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April 26th, 2019
Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.
Matthew 28:19-20

Recently I watched a video where a person was describing their experience with Christianity. He said that accepting Christianity was like being led into an unknown forest, but when all the Christians left, he remained lost. A couple weeks ago a missionary got lost in a forest for almost a week because he did not know the path... I have pondered the words of this local person which have greatly disturbed me. Are we guilty of leading people into unknown forests and then “leaving them behind” or “abandoning them”? Are we thinking that somehow they can just figure it out? With or without the Bible?

 What's my latest?

This week I was able to talk to my language helper again about Christianity. We started examining what it is since last year. Little by little we compared it to other beliefs and the implications it has on our lifestyle. Around October I was satisfied with the ground we had covered since I had explained from before creation, to the ascension and beyond. So I decided to give it a rest. We just celebrated Easter and I mentioned that Catholics do a march and that I wanted to sell popcorn to them as they walk by my area. This led him to ask me to explain again what was so important about the ascension of Christ. Ironically I had just studied Isaiah 42, the prophecy of God’s promised servant and Matthew 12 which shows its fulfillment. I was thrilled to show the accuracy of the Bible and how all of the prophecies of the promised Messiah came through. We spoke for about 2 hours about why Christ is the only way, the truth and the light, why all other ways are false and why only those who receive salvation will go to Heaven. I also explained the relationship between the Christian faith and marriage and lots of other areas. At the end I asked him, “So what do you think about all of this?” He said, “the truth is bitter…you have made me understand a new perspective that I have never heard before. For example you have shown me clearly that the cup is white and even if someone else comes with another message I know that the cup is white.” In the conversation I had explained that before Jesus’ ascension His last command to the disciples was to go and spread this truth to the whole world and to not remain in Jerusalem. In response to this he asked, “Are there disciples now that are spreading this truth? Are there people who are going out and explaining this message just as you have explained it clearly to me? When you have a certain knowledge like this, you cannot just keep it to yourself, you must tell it to others. I have not met others who are spreading this truth…” I responded, “yes that is how Christianity came to my country, after Paul took the message to the Gentiles along with other believers, Christianity continued to spread across the globe and one day some missionaries came to Trinidad and my church has been there for a little over 100 years” He was impressed but then I explained that sadly many people who hear this message never tell others because they are concerned only about themselves or they are afraid to GO. It is difficult to go to a new country, and to learn a new language and to live in a different culture and for many people it is a challenge. So he said, “But shouldn’t Christians be living a sacrificial life?” I replied, “Yes, in the Romans 12:1-2 God tells us that He expects us to live sacrificial lives and that we should not live like those in the world. That is the only way the world can see the difference.”

I recently looked at some people clearing a piece of land that seemed to have a lot of useless plants and weeds, but when they were finished I saw a few pineapples growing. They were hidden underneath, out of sight. Sharing the gospel is like planting seeds. Sometimes it takes a while for the roots to grow and you may think that nothing is happening but underneath the surface it is taking root and one day, which could be days, months or years you will see a little stem coming forth and little by little it will grow into a tall tree. You need to keep watering and protecting it. So when we lead people into new forests, let’s not forget to show them the paths of righteousness so that they don’t get lost and then fall away. Let us teach them all of God’s commands so that they become tall, strong trees.


Prayer Requests

My life continues to resemble a Marathon, where it is a continual exercise of endurance. I have been reminded that endurance needs to take place so that our faith can grow. There is no easy road to faith development and no shortcuts. Just one long day at a time. But I praise God that he has equipped us with all we need for this life and sustained godliness.

Please pray for the financial stability of this country. There are two different areas where I go to access the bank, both two hours distance. For the past several days they have been closed and I am not sure when they will be opened. Praise God for one boutique which was willing to give me some supplies on credit since the banks are closed. I took just a handful of stuff so I am praying that this handful will last until more becomes available.

I especially need prayer for an upcoming People Group Assessment (PGA) trip that I will be starting next week for almost 2 weeks. I will be accompanied by another single missionary and a local person who will help us with translation and finding our way around. We will be leaving by a canoe boat and going to two different islands and then crossing the border to Bissau. Pray for our protection at sea and for endurance with the heat. Pray that God will open the door and send us co-operative people and that we will gain the necessary information. Pray we will also get the necessary paper work from the authorities to travel around. Pray that we will find good hosts in the different villages. It will also be Ramadan which is a time of fasting, so pray that we will also have a least one meal each day…

I have not found a new language helper as yet, but maybe it was so that I could share the gospel again with my current one. Pray that He accepts this new light and that he receives understanding of the implications that the truth will have on his life.

My sneak peak of the President of Guinea going into the helicopter as I stood on the top of a van looking into the football field!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! 
Yours in Christ,
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