April 2nd, 2021

Hello <<First Name>>,

Praise the name of the Lord Most High who reigns forevermore!

Thank you so much to every individual and every church that gave financially towards the vehicle. I especially would like to thank one individual who shall remain unnamed who gave exceedingly and abundantly above all I could have ever imagined or prayed for. Thanks to them what could have been at least a few more months of fund-raising is now finished. Kindly pray for the logistics and purchase of the vehicle.

Praise the Lord for His grace and provision since returning to the village at the end of February. It has now been one week since my co-workers have left the village upon our initial return to visit their kids in Senegal. They will be gone until the end of April and I am on my own. Nothing has happened so far except a few minor cuts and bruises and seeing a snake in front of my door that disappeared too quickly for me to attempt to kill it.

Praise the Lord for my two language helpers that are faithful thus far with our language sessions. Thank God for a new opportunity to spend more time with some of the ladies on my side of the village every morning. Pray that relationships will grow out of this. Pray that Jenabu my language helper will be more willing to involve me in other activities and take me along when she visits other places. In the past, we have had a few mishaps whenever I have accompanied her and so I do understand her hesitance to bear the burden of being responsible for me.

As Easter approaches in just a few days, we can thank the Lord for a closed door. Both of my language helpers (Jenabu and Vieux) were planning on getting baptized this weekend in the Catholic church. However, because the group was too large, Jenabu was selected to be a part of the second group that will wait to get baptized next year. Last year she wanted to get baptized but it was postponed because of the virus. Baptisms only happen once a year during Easter. Praise the Lord that we will start doing the chronological teaching soon when my co-workers return to the village. They will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and hopefully get baptized as believers in Jesus Christ!

Praise the Lord for one older lady named Ama Afou who is now like my host mother. She is old enough to be my grandmother and she is always very friendly and caring towards me. Pray that during this time our relationship will develop and also pray that she will also come to know the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will use this time while I am alone in the village to strengthen relationships, build new ones, increase my knowledge in the language and learn more about the culture.

Pray for those moments when I feel alone, helpless, or tired of the constant mental effort. We are also in dry season and the heat can sometimes be unbearable- 42 degrees Celsius is very draining and walking all the way to the market and back is a huge feat!

Thank you for your prayers and support, we have made it this far by the strength of the Lord. Pray for the rest of the journey.

Yours in Christ,


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