Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Robert Nemanich, DMP Secretary/Treasurer

This is a reminder of the Feb 20 date for submission of new DMP Focus Topic proposals.

The Division of Materials Physics sponsors a wide range of Focus Topics as its primary structure for the March Meeting. Typically spanning several sessions throughout the March Meeting, Focus Topics allow an in-depth view of forefront materials physics research areas and connect invited speakers to allied contributed abstracts. 

Each year, the existing set of Focus Topics is evaluated for inclusion in the next year's program. In addition, new candidates for Focus Topics are considered based on timeliness, an assessment of the community interest, and uniqueness with the existing DMP program and those of sister units. Ideas coming from the DMP community at large are an extremely important part of this process. 

To that end, the DMP Executive Committee solicits your input for the 2016 Focus Topic slate. 
Please send your suggestions to Secretary/Treasurer Robert Nemanich by Friday, February 20, 2015 for full consideration. 

  • Descriptive Title of the Focus Topic

  • The nominator’s name, affiliation, phone number and e-mail address

  • A brief abstract noting timeliness and uniqueness of the topic relative to the existing program

  • Suggestions for possible organizers.

Any additional information you would like to provide that will help the DMP Executive Committee in its decision-making process will be appreciated. For your reference, a complete list of the 2015 Focus Topics is included in this mailing. Full descriptions of the 2015 Focus Topics can be found online.

Thank you in advance for your help in this extremely important part of planning for the future success of the DMP program.

Michael Flatté, DMP Vice-Chair and 2016 Program Chair
John Mitchell, DMP Chair-Elect and 2015 Program Chair
DMP led Focus Topics for 2015 
3.1.1 Cooperative Phenomena in Plasticity
6.1.3 Strongly Spin-Orbit Coupled Materials
7.1.1 Dielectric and Ferroic Oxides 
7.1.2 Topological Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
8.1.2 Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors
9.1.1 Fe-based Superconductors
9.1.2 Search for New Superconductors
9.1.3 Engineering Vortex Matter
9.1.4 Superconductivity in the two-dimensional limit
12.1.1 Graphene: Synthesis, Defects, Structure, and Properties
12.1.2 Two-Dimensional Materials and Devices Beyond Graphene: Focus on Semiconductors
12.1.3a Graphene Devices: Function, Fabrication, and Characterization
12.1.3b Two-Dimensional Materials and Devices Beyond Graphene: Focus on Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials
12.1.4 Carbon Nanotubes and Related Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
12.1.5 Van der Waals Bonding in Advanced Materials
12.1.6 Computational Discovery and Design of Novel Materials
13.1.1 Nanostructures and Metamaterials (DMP/DCMP)
13.1.2 Engineering Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Oxides
13.1.3 Electron, Ion, and Exciton Transport in Nanostructures
13.1.4 Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures
13.1.6 Thermoelectric Phenomena, Materials, Devices, and Applications
13.1.7 Mesoscopic Materials and Devices
DMP Co-Sponsored Focus Topics led by other APS Units for 2015
01.1.8 Organic Electronics and Photonics (DPOLY/DMP) 
10.1.1 Magnetic Nanostructures: Materials and Phenomena (GMAG/DMP) 
10.1.2 Emergent Properties in Bulk Complex Oxides (GMAG/DMP) 
10.1.3 Magnetic Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures (GMAG/DMP) 
10.1.4 Spin Transport & Magnetization Dynamics in Metal Based Systems (GMAG/DMP/FIAP) 
10.1.5 Spin Dependent Phenomena in Semiconductors (GMAG/DMP/FIAP) 
10.1.6 Frustrated and Low Dimensional Magnetism (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.7 Spin-Dependent Physics in Carbon-Based Materials (GMAG/DMP)
10.1.8 Low-Dimensional and Molecular Magnetism (GMAG/DMP) 
16.1.5 Materials in Extremes: Bridging Simulation and Experiment (DCOMP/DMP)
16.1.6 Simulations of Matter at Extreme Conditions (DCOMP/GSCCM/DMP)
16.1.7 Non-Adiabatic Dynamics in Irradiated Materials (DCOMP/DMP)
16.1.11 Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage (GERA/DMP/FIAP/DCOMP)

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