Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Authorized by Robert Nemanich, DMP Secretary/Treasurer
Dear DMP Members,

I encourage you, every one of our DMP members, to vote in the upcoming election concerning the APS Corporate Reform. Since my election to the APS presidential line, I have been informed of every aspect of this important and exciting change. Following and studying all of the details of the APS proposed changes in governance, plus my experience on other Boards, including the Board of Directors of the AAAS, has me convinced that this change will create a more efficient APS that will more effectively serve its members: ALL of its members; and that is what APS must remain about.  

I personally strongly support the proposed changes and I urge you to read the on-line materials and make your own decision as to how to vote. But what is most important is that you “seize the day” and vote; and the way you feel is best for our Society. 

Yours sincerely,

Laura Greene
DMP Chair
APS Veep-elect
APS Governance Changes - Vote Now