Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Antoinette Taylor, DMP Chair-Elect
Dear APS Division of Materials Physics Membership,

I am contacting you as Chair-Elect of DMP to request nominations for invited speakers for the DMP Focus Topics at the APS March Meeting 2020 (Denver, Colorado March 2-6, 2020). I am coordinating the DMP Program with help from the entire DMP Executive Committee. Your nominations will go to the organizers of the selected Focus Topic and will aid the organizers in their selection of invited speakers.

In case you were already contacted by a Focus Topic organizer and have sent in a nomination directly by email, you may disregard the rest of this message.

A Focus Topic generally consists of a series of sessions, each of which is typically seeded with one invited talk, the remainder of the session being composed of contributed presentations. The deadline for submissions is August 23, 2019. You will need an APS web account to log in to the system.
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In suggesting speakers please keep in mind that speakers who gave a technical invited talk at the March Meeting 2019 are ineligible.

Serving a diverse and inclusive community of physicists worldwide is a primary goal for APS. Nominations of women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States are especially encouraged.

For the March Meeting 2020, DMP is the lead organization unit on 18 different Focus Topics listed below.


Antoinette (Toni) Taylor
Los Alamos National Laboratory
DMP Chair-Elect

DMP-led Focus Topics

07.01.01 Topological materials: synthesis, characterization and modeling
Organizers: Sean Oh (Rutgers); Peter Armitage (Johns Hopkins)

07.01.02 Dirac and Weyl semimetals: materials and modeling (DMP)
Organizers: Xuyang Xu (MIT); Prineha Narang (Harvard)

07.01.03 Topological superconductivity: materials and modeling
Organizers: Jimmy Williams (Maryland); Liang Fu (MIT)

07.01.04 Magnetic topological materials
Organizers: Rob McQueeney (Ames Lab); Dmitry Yarotski (Los Alamos National Lab); Allan McDonald (U. Texas)

08.01.02 Dopants and defects in semiconductors
Organizers: Kunal Mukherjee (UC Santa Barbara); Joel Varley (Lawrence Livermore National Lab); Rafael Jaramillo (MIT)

08.01.03 Dielectric and ferroic oxides
Organizers: Ryan Need (University of Florida); Geneva Laurita (Bates College); Turan Birol (Univ. of Minnesota)

08.01.04 Organometal halide perovskites: photovoltaics and beyond
Organizers: Brent Melot (University of Southern California); Jamie Neilson (Colorado State Univ); David Scanlon (University College London)

09.01.01 Fe-based Superconductors
Organizers: Leonardo Civale (Los Alamos National Lab); Ulrich Welp (Argonne National Lab)

11.01.05: 5d/4d transition metal systems
Organizers: Filip Ronning (Los Alamos National Lab); Hae-Young Kee (U. Toronto); David Mandrus (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

12.01.01: 2D Materials: Synthesis, Defects, Structure and Properties
Organizers: Robert Hovden (U. Michigan); Liuyan Zhao (U. Michigan)

12.01.02: 2D Materials: Semiconductors
Organizers: Jeff Guest (Argonne National Lab); Huamin Li (University at Buffalo); Jun Zhu (Penn State University)

12.01.03: Devices from 2D Materials: Function, Fabrication and Characterization
Organizers: Deji Akinwande (UT Austin); Henri Happy (University of Lille); Mario Lanza (Suzhou University)

12.01.04: 2D Materials: Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials
Organizers: David Cobden (U. of Washington); Peide Yu (Purdue); Jairo Velasco (UC Santa Cruz)

13.01.01: Nanostructures and Metamaterials
Organizers: Houtong Chen (Los Alamos National Lab); Amit Agrawal (NIST); Wenshan Cai (Georgia Tech)

13.01.02: Electron, Exciton, and Phonon Transport in Nanostructures
Organizers: Tom Harris (Sandia National Lab), Xuan Gao (Case Western); Tzu-Ming Lu (Sandia National Labs)

13.01.03: Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures
Organizers: Bharat Jalan, (U. Minnesota); Divine Kumah (NC State); Alex Georgescu (Flatiron Institute)

13.01.04: Materials for Quantum Information Science
Organizers: Jinkyoung Yoo (Los Alamos National Lab); Xuedan Ma (Argonne National Lab); Richard Henning (U. Florida)

14.01.01: Surface, Interface, and Thin Film Science of Organic Molecular Solids
Organizers: Emily Bittle (NIST); Daniel Dougherty (NC State Univ)