Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Amanda Petford-Long, DMP Chair-elect
Dear DMP Membership,

This email requests nominations for invited speakers for the DMP focus topics at the APS March Meeting 2018 (Los Angeles, California, March 5–9, 2018).

A focus topic generally consists of a series of sessions, each of which is typically seeded with one invited talk, the remainder of the session being composed of contributed presentations.

Deadline: August 29, 2017
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You will need an APS web account to log in to the system.

In suggesting speakers, please keep in mind that speakers who gave an invited talk at the previous March Meeting are ineligible. Please also consider diversity when making nominations.

For the March Meeting 2018, DMP is the lead organization unit on 20 different focus topics listed below.

The DMP Program is coordinated by DMP Chair-elect Amanda Petford-Long with help from the entire DMP executive committee. Your nomination will go to the organizers of the selected focus topic and will aid the organizers in their selection of invited speakers.


Amanda Petford-Long
Argonne National Laboratory
DMP Chair-elect

DMP led Focus Topics

7.1.1: Dielectric and Ferroic Oxides [same as 11.1.1]
Organizers: Seiji Kojima (Univ of Tsukuba), Nicholas Barrett (CEA), Shi Liu (Carnegie Inst for Science)

7.1.2: Topological Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling
Organizers: Yong Chen (Purdue Univ), Chaoxing Liu (Penn State Univ), Zhiqiang Mao (Tulane Univ)

7.1.3: Dirac and Weyl semimetals: prediction, synthesis, characterization and new phenomena
Organizers: Ken Burch (Boston College), Andrei Bernevig (Princeton Univ), Johnpierre Paglione (Univ of Maryland)

7.1.4: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskites
Organizers: Yan Li (Univ of Utah), Hanwei Gao (Florida State Univ)

7.1.5: 5d/4d Transition Metal Systems
Organizers: Vivien Zapf (Los Alamos National Lab), Natalia Perkins (Univ of Minnesota)

8.1.2: Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors
Organizers: Jack Lyons (Naval Research Lab), Evan Glaser (Naval Research Lab), Greg Fuchs (Cornell Univ)

9.1.1: Fe-based Superconductors
Organizers: Jiun-Haw Chu (Univ of Washington), Qimiao Si (Rice Univ), Jiaqiang Yan (Oak Ridge National Lab)

9.1.2 Topological Superconductivity
Organizers: Matthew Gilbert (Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell Univ), Nadya Mason (Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

12.1.1: 2D Materials: Synthesis, Defects,Structure and Properties
Organizers: Connie Li (Naval Reseach Lab), Marc Bockrath (Ohio State Univ), Eric Stinaff (Ohio Univ)

12.1.2: 2D Materials: Semiconductors
Organizers: Junqiao Wu (Univ of California–Berkeley), Ian Appelbaum (Univ of Maryland), Di Xiao (Carnegie Mellon Univ)

12.1.3: Devices from 2D Materials: Function,Fabrication and Characterization
Organizers: Jim Hone (Columbia Univ), Joshua Robinson (Penn State Univ), Andrea Young (Univ of California–Santa Barbara)

12.1.4: 2D Materials: Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials
Organizers: Luis Balicas (High Field Magnet Lab, Tallahassee), Tony Heinz (Stanford Univ)

12.1.6: Van der Waals Bonding in Advanced Materials
Organizers: Evan Reed (Stanford Univ), Aaron Lindenburg (Stanford Univ), Alejandro Rodriguez (Princeton Univ)

12.1.7: Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials
Organizers: Qimin Yan (Temple Univ), Anderson Janotti (Univ of Delaware)

13.1.1: Nanostructures and Metamaterials
Organizers: Jay Foley (William Patterson Univ), Hayk Harutyunyan (Emory Univ)

13.1.2: Electron, Exciton, and Phonon Transport in Nanostructures
Organizers: Pierre Darancet (Argonne National Lab), Alexander Weber-Bargioni (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Pramod Reddy (Univ of Michigan)

13.1.3: Complex Oxide Interfaces and Heterostructures
Organizers: Adam Hauser (Alabama Univ), Divine Kumah (North Carolina State Univ), Xifan Wu (Temple Univ)

13.1.4 Materials for Post-Moore Computing
Organizers: Shriram Ramanathan (Purdue Univ), Joshua Yang (Univ of Massachusetts)

13.1.5 Assembly and Behavior of Hierarchical Materials
Organizers: Steve Whitelam (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Dmitri Talapin (Univ of Chicago)

14.1.1: Surface Science of Organic Molecular Solids, Films, and Nanostructures
Organizers: Mina Yoon (Oak Ridge National Lab and Univ of Tennessee), Chenggang Tao (Virginia Tech), Wai-Lun Chan (Univ of Kansas)