Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Dan Dessau, DMP Chair
Dear DMP Members,

The DMP Executive Committee, in consultation with APS leadership, is proposing changes to our unit bylaws. There are two objectives for these changes:
  1. To align language in the DMP unit bylaws with the new APS corporate structure.
  2. To streamline the DMP bylaws amendment process to allow special elections and ballots, and to align them with best practices of other units.
The proposed changes have been approved by the APS Council and were discussed with the community at the DMP Business Meeting during the 2017 March Meeting, where they were approved by the executive committee. A vote by the membership is now required to ratify the changes. Details of the voting procedure are in an email from the domain “”

Full details of the proposed changes can be found at the DMP website.

Best wishes,

Dan Dessau
DMP Chair