Message to members of the APS Division of Materials Physics
Approved by Michael Flatté, DMP Chair
To members of the Division of Materials Physics,

Access to liquid helium has been a growing issue for many researchers over the past many years. APS has been working with other scientific societies to coordinate a response from the scientific community and to provide resources to assist researchers. Please see the message below from APS about their efforts and the resources available.

Michael Flatté
Chair, Division of Materials Physics

Many researchers in our community are suffering from the rising costs of liquid helium and its unreliable availability. Liquid helium procurement issues are having negative impacts at multiple levels of our research programs, from impeding graduate student research to influencing departments’ hiring decisions.

To help address these issues, the American Physical Society (APS) – in partnership with the MRS and ACS – launched a website that connects researchers who rely on helium with companies that can help them transition to helium-conserving technologies.

The easy-to-use website helps researchers determine if it is economically favorable to transition to equipment that reduces helium usage. It provides the option to be contacted directly by equipment vendors. Many of the vendors have expressed willingness to develop financing terms that are compatible with federal funding.

The website stems from a recommendation in a recently released APS-ACS- MRS science policy report titled, “Responding to the U.S. Research Community’s Liquid Helium Crisis: An Action Plan to Preserve U.S. Innovation.” The APS Office of Public Affairs is successfully working with Congress and the Administration to enact these recommendations.