Hanansen Exhibits, Torcellini Asks “The Question” and Giant Bottle Fish Take Rio

The summer exhibition season has begun and this week we covered the opening of stained-glass mosaic artist Yulia Hanansen’s one-woman show in Cooperstown, NY, Cosmic Powers Earthly Flowers.  What many people don’t know is that the accomplished Hanansen is the daughter of classically trained mosaic artist Yakov Hanansen whose studio in New York City has produced works designed for many of that city’s most prestigious public spaces. What can be passed from one generation to the next?  Find out in our second featured article, To Work Without Fear: Yakov and Yulia Hanansen, a reprint of the 10-page article from our 2010 magazine by Paul Anater.

Speaking of magazines, we are happy to announce the availability of the latest edition of Mosäique, the marvelous French magazine AND its English translation insert in MAN Recommends below.  We know that there is a lot of pent-up demand for a printed magazine and hope you’ll order your copy today.

Finally, we have never had the reaction to an item on our Facebook Page like the one in response to the image of a fish sculpture made of discarded water bottles that was erected on a beach in Rio de Janeiro this week:  116 Shares as of this writing.  See the magic photo of this environmental statement and more in the first Tweet of the Week.

Now, put down that Sunday edition of Whatever and have yourself some mosaic moments.  Enjoy – Nancie

Art:  Yulia Hanansen  Jupiter: Great Red Spot  2010 36 x 56 in. Layered stained glass. Winner Best in Show Award, Mosaic Arts International 2011

Cosmic Powers Earthly Flowers: Yulia Hanansen To Work Without Fear: Yakov and Yulia Hanansen What is mosaic and what is not? Art consultant & mosaic scholar Daniele Torcellini asks The Question
Featured Tweets of the Week

INSPIRATION: Day and night photos of Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio via Colossal ht.ly/bMrhV

INSPIRATION Keith Haring’s personal language of symbols explained in fabulous graphic by the NYTimes  ht.ly/bDiZU

WATCH Incognito French artist Invader trace his mosaic invasion of over 40 cities around the world ht.ly/bGCB5

GO Worcester Museum (nr Boston) is waiving entrance fee for July & August!  See the large and exquisite Roman Hunt Mosaic ht.ly/bIhC2

INSPIRATION  Sequined flags sent in dreams. Haitian Artist Mireille Delisme via Hand/Eye magazine ht.ly/bJBLQ

MAN Recommends

Fresh from France and chock full of interviews, information and inspiration is the fourth edition of the magazine Mosaïque with its wonderful English translation insert.  Just a few of the artists featured include Pascale Beauchamps, CaCO3, Marco de Luca, Valeria Ercolani, Elaine Goodwin, Guilio Menossi and Jerôme Gulon.  The editors also strive to offer a global perspective, supplementing excellent coverage of the current European scene to what’s happening in Japan, Viet Nam and the US (contributors include Toyoharu Kii, Gwen Kaitis, and Charles Nugyen Van Du.)

We are very excited about MAN’s association with Mosaïque.  The magazine’s editors, Renëe Malaval and Gilles Antoine, and MAN feel very strongly about the value of sharing mosaic content across media.  In this edition of the magazine, for instance, you will see a reprint of Daniele Torcellini’s article “Mosaic?  Post-Mosaic?  Neo-Mosaic? Non-Mosaic?” which first appeared on MAN (the third Featured Article above).  There is also a two-page story about MAN’s new website which Malaval and Antoine graciously requested.

It just makes sense to expand the reach of great stories – the more eyes that see, the more minds we inspire and surprise.  We could not be happier or more grateful for our association with Mosaïque.  As the man said in the movie, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

US buyers of the magazine can get copies (all editions have English translations) through Lynn Moor and mosaicsmalti.com here.  Order form on the magazine’s website is here.


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