Why Mosaic? Shafir, Goodwin and Botica Answer The Question

What compels an artist to select mosaic as their means for self expression?  Why not painting or sculpture or textiles or glass?

In this week’s BOM, three mosaic masters answer the question with candor and passion.

For Ilana Shafir, it is the “enormous joy and happiness” she feels when discovering the perfect place for each tessera in her bountiful mosaics of broken pottery, stones, shells, ceramic and smalti.

For Elaine M. Goodwin, it is all about the light – creating it, celebrating it, and exploring the sacred aspects of it as she works exclusively with that most storied of all mosaic tesserae – 24 karat gold smalti.

For John Botica, it is a passion for his material of choice – the humble pebble – and its ability to create powerful art to last for the ages.

Three artists, three very different answers and still more inspiration to explore in MAN’s “Why Mosaic” section.  Enjoy – Nancie

Art:  Ilana Shafir  Bird Houses  2007  126 x120 cm  Photo:  Giora Shafir


Ilana Shafir: Why Mosaic? Elaine M. Goodwin: Why Mosaic? Pebble Mosaic Artist John Botica: Why Mosaic?
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