Miss Marble Schools, Ravenna Rules and Mosaic Dreams Come True

Attention class! Miss Marble (aka Lillian Sizemore) has spotted a wordy trend in contemporary mosaic and she’s going to use it to give us a great lesson in the “grammar” of mosaic. The good news is, there is no pop quiz at the end of our first article, so all you have to do is enjoy The Language of Mosaic:  A Word From Our Muses.  Works from Toyoharu Kii, Samantha Holmes and Sarah Frost are featured.

Many of the works showcased in Sizemore’s story are from Biblio Mosaico, one of the many exhibits that were part of the incredible RavennaMosaico 2011.  Memories of that outrageously inspiring biennial immediately sprang to mind, so we’re featuring An International Contemporary Moshpit:  RavennaMosaico 2011.   You’ll find works from Verdiano Marzi, CaCO3, Julian Modica, Helen Bodycomb, Ilana Shafir and many, many more.  You know where you will find us in October 2013.

If that doesn’t make you check your airline frequent flyer balance, then our third featured article, The Swiffer, The Devil and Bernini:  The Mosaic Masterpieces Tour 2011 Part Two surely will.  Many, many mosaic dreams came true for us on the La Dolce Vita Tour 2011 and this article hits some of the highlights: Mimmo Paladino, Niki de St. Phalle, Bernini at the Gallerie Borghese and the sublime cloisters of St. Paul Outside the Walls.  (Information on La Dolce Vita Tour 2012 tour to Rome and Florence can be found here)

Summer is winding down and while school may be in session, there is always time for a little arm-chair travel and, of course, exceptional mosaics.  Enjoy –  Nancie

Art:  Mosaic by Filippo Bandini for Biblio Mosaic 2011  Photo:  Lillian Sizemore

The Language of Mosaic: A Word from Our Muses An International Contemporary Mosaic Moshpit: RavennaMosaico 2011 The Swiffer, The Devil, and Bernini: The Mosaic Masterpieces Tour 2011 Pt 2
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