In review...

Coinciding with the Anzac Centenary, we take this opportunity to pay our respects to all of the men and women – past and present – serving in the Australian Defence Forces for their selfless efforts to help shape our great Australian values and way of life.

Is it just that we have been enjoying too many Christmas puddings, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, or are our belts just tightening up a notch? A bit of everything we think, and despite the constrained construction industry, we have some new exciting projects on the horizon whilst watching some unique ones evolve on-site.

Recent Wins

  • Lameroo High School Tech Studies Building
  • Resthaven Mitcham
  • Regis Burnside and Mitcham
  • SA Ambulance/Medstar at Adelaide Airport
  • Glenside Z Ward Redevelopment
  • Frewville Shopping Centre – Carpark and Café

Staff News

A special milestone occurred on the 6th March for the office that saw CPR celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Neil and David decided to celebrate with dinner and a Fringe show for staff – Jimeoin was just hilarious. Many of the original staff members who have been with the firm from the outset on this great journey are still with us and with 2 recent additions last year, it makes what we consider to be a very special consulting unit. With this milestone we are due to launch our new look website – watch this space.

Aquinas College Student Accommodation

The dining hall at ground floor provided challenges for the large span concrete frame structure. A full scale commercial kitchen required careful planning and detailed co-ordination with services engineers. The repetitive accommodation layouts at first and second floor level led to a cost effective upper structure.

Lameroo Tech Studies Wing Rebuild

An interesting and rare ‘reverse’ build project that saw CPR researching into the codes and engineering first principles to reuse the existing raft footing for the new building after fire had burnt through the original tech studies building.

Spatially the project was fixed by the existing external wall lines with new services required to carefully penetrate through the existing footings. The steel frame structure allowed a central raised ceiling that allowed natural light spill into the open plan spaces. Documented as a fast track project the school is now functioning with its critical trade training facility.

Marble Hill Ruins Governor’s Residence Redevelopment

After being all but destroyed by the firestorm in the summer of 1955, the building is being rebuilt as a residence for the Client. Stage 1 is currently under construction which will see the symbolic look-out tower and cupola rebuilt followed by the main residence. Seismic strengthening is a key design aspect for the heavy stone building whilst retaining the heritage value of the building fabric, complying with bushfire zoning requirements, and paying careful attention to detail. Click here to find out more about upcoming Marble Hill Open Days.

d’Arenberg Cube

The infamous d’Arenberg Cube is away! After a few false starts and an amazing amount of energy and passion by the innovative Chester Osborn and design team, construction has started. The concrete frame building of 4 levels with steel framed roof was modelled in Revit by CPR from the Architects CAD drawings. The model will now progress for use in completing the façade documentation. The twisted floor plate design comprises post tensioned concrete structure with offset columns throughout - just as if you had “twisted your Rubik's Cube”. The footing system is a thickened raft mat founded into rock to accommodate the irregular column grid and resist earthquake loads. The striking facades will exhibit detailed captured glass panels.

St Peters Girls ELC

The recently completed single storey early learning centre was formally opened by the Honourable Julia Bishop, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The conventionally timber framed building with some steel elements provides the school with a modern and welcoming learning space for the students. Nestled amongst clusters of significant trees, the documented bored pier footing system required some adjustment on-site to avoid damage to the tree roots.

Residential Projects

Our residential projects are providing a steady workload of interesting projects. The team at CPR undertakes design of various residential projects from additions through to large multi-level developments.