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The Year of the Succulent

For years, succulents have been under appreciated.  Now they are the rage!  They love heat and require minimal maintenance.  Over winter keep pots of succulents in a cool indoor room.  Keep away from sunlight, give them good drainage and no soggy soil or their roots will rot.  Some are hardy (hens-and-chicks, etc.) and will die back outdoors in the winter and will return next spring. 

Research shows that children are smarter, better able to get along with others, and are healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play outdoors. 


Avoid the Itch

Contacting poison ivy, sumac or oak is a miserable experience.  Watch out for these leaf configurations when outdoors.


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Summer Greetings

Your yard ... where simple pleasures surround you!  Trees, shrubs, flowers and patios are all fabulous, but occasionally your eye needs a break from all the plants so we thought it would be fun to focus on some structural accessories that add interest to your landscape.  Enjoy the time you spend outdoors with family and friends this summer and don't hesitate to call us if you have any needs. 

What's Pleasurable about Your Yard?

Place to Sit
A well placed bench invites us to stop and relax.  A bench works best in a cozy spot, with a backdrop of trees, shrubs, fence or stone wall.  If the bench sits along a path, extend the path to form a niche.  If there's no existing flat surface to place the seating on, consider making a small terrace.  Bluestone, brick or fieldstone all make great surfaces for benches.  The only requirement needed is that it be visited and sat upon frequently to gaze at your property, no matter how big or small it is. 

Water Feature

The sound of trickling water with a comfy chair nearby encourages us to stop for a relaxing moment.  Small water features are low maintenance, won't put much of a dent in your purse but best of all, add a little piece of paradise anywhere. 

Objects Used as Focal Points
Your object might be a single birdfeeder, a sculpture that moves with the wind or a set of planters on a patio.  Focal points add interest to your landscape by drawing your eye to the area.  Birdbaths double the bird activity in your yard by allowing the birds feeding to get a drink and take a bath.  All birds fear predators so plant shrubs and small trees nearby.

Children's Paradise

If the kids are engaged and happy, parents are happy! 
(photo courtesy of Olive Branch Design from Nebraska)


Water.  Water.  Water.

As basic as it may seem, watering can be tricky.  Too much or too little is stressful to plants.  A plant will show the same signs with too much water, as it will with not enough water.  The smaller the root system, the quicker it will dry out.  Here are a few tips: 

All new plants need water until established.  A slow deep watering is better than using a spray nozzle.  The soil should be moist several inches below the surface when you are finished.  A soaker hose makes your job easier.  During the hot summer months, disregard natural rainfall.  Showers tend to produce mostly runoff and contribute little, if any, to increasing ground moisture. 

Fertilize.  Fertilize.  Fertilize.

All that watering you've been doing washes nutrients out of the soil.  If you don't just want your garden or container to grow, but to thrive, that means feeding.  Use a water-soluble fertilizer once a week on your flowers. 

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