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Above: detail of  "Just Getting Started", original acrylic by Judy Leila Schafers, 6" x 20", $350                   It is that time of year already!!

'Down By the Riverside'

My family and I used to go canoeing down the lazy Sturgeon River, entering at a point which is 3 miles north of our farm. Being a shallow river made it a fairly safe, enjoyable outing and we would choose the loveliest summer evenings to go.

Of course, I could not imagine embarking on such an excursion with out my good camera. After all, the perfect painting scene might be just around the corner. Vistas that very few would be privy to. Shane did warn me, however, that a disaster with my precious camera was just waiting to happen. I was thoroughly convinced that being extra careful would be enough to keep it from harm. Predictably, Shane was right and did not waste any time reminding me of that fact right after it happened... and often since then.

On one of our trips down the river, we spotted a patch of ever so tempting saskatoon bushes heavily laden with large, juicy fruits, just begging for us to indulge. We rowed along side the shore and carefully disembarked. Satisfied that the bushes were respectably stripped, Devin, Jilene and Shane had already made their way into the canoe without incident. And then it was my turn....

We were never quite in agreement about how it happened, but in my struggle to get my short legs over the side, I had somehow dumped the two boys into the drink and my really good camera with them. (Jilene managed somehow to hang on, shrieking as little girls do.) All of the hullaballoo must have had the beavers in stitches!

In my rare panicked state I insisted that we head home immediately. Maybe there was a chance I could quickly dry out the camera. It had only touched the water for a nano-second....

As soon as we got home, I removed the over half full film, took the camera slightly apart and tucked it into the oven where it was warmed by the gas pilot light. After about a day and a half, I installed fresh batteries and attempted to get it to work. No such luck. 

Only a few pictures on that roll turned out ok. Recalling the event, I smiled often while working on the painting below which was inspired by one of those canoe trips.

Above:"Down By the Riverside", original acrylic by Judy Leila Schafers, 24" x 10", circa 2011
This is the painting written about in the above story.

Below: 1) The glorious garden full of veggies and flowers. Did you know that flowers attract beneficial insects that help protect your vegetable plants? This year I had tons of volunteer carrots, squash and petunias! 2) So far, Shane has combined about 100 acres. This field called 'the home quarter' is not quite ready to be combined according to the test run that he performed earlier this week.

Upcoming Events:

St. Albert Art Walk     September 4, 2014   6 pm to 9 pm
It is astounding to me that we are already approaching the last ArtWalk of 2014 and the end of summer! If the weather is agreeable, you will find me, as usual, in front of the St. Albert Community Hall on Perron Street.

Always a free, fun, family event with 11 participating venues this year.  Not only will you be treated to some fabulous art, but visit each official location for a stamp on your 'passport' to win prizes at the end of the season.
Sorry, I am not an 'official location', but I hope you will stop by and say hello.

Open Art Competition sponsored by the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove. September 12 to October 4, 2014, at the Melcore Cultural Center, 5 King Street, Spruce Grove AB  Reception and awards presentation, Friday September 12, 7 pm.
I will be entering 3 pieces of artwork into this competition. Last year I placed 2nd and third in the Master's Category! Scroll down to see last years entries.

Alberta Culture Days   September 26 to 28, 2014
I will be taking part in the Celebrating Life and Culture Gala at the Morinville Cultural Center , (9502, 100 Avenue, Morinville, AB) Reception, Friday September 26 where I will have 5 paintings entered. Art show continues until October 15, 2014
On the easel: This painting has a long way to go. You can probably guess what it will be. Canvas size is 24" x 30" Now with harvest in full swing, it may take a while to finish....

New Blog Post Entry:

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in a little more writing and reminiscing. Check out my latest blog post about drive by shooting, artist's style.
Above:  "Living My Best Life", original acrylic by Judy Leila Schafers, 18" x 24". framed, $1150
This painting is one of  3 that I entered into the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove's Open Art Competition. Results will be made known at the Awards reception September 12, 2014. See above events for more info.   Wish me luck!
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Next Month's Issue: A short story about sneaking away, event and harvest updates, etc... I will see what time permits. This is our busiest time of year!

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